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(player in this campaign) Should I talk to my DM? How?

First of all, sorry if this is the wrong subreddit, i didn't know where else to post it so i figured I mind as well ask other DMs opinion. (Also, sorry about grammer, english isn't my first language)

A few weeks ago I joined the campaign my friend was DMing because I liked the concept and i wanted to play more than once a week (the other game I'm part of is in hiatus) However, before I joined, i asked my friend what the campaign focus would be because i really hate battles/encounters (i don't mind it when it's not the main focus, but for me they are the most boring part of the game) he promised me that it would be a fairly ballance between fighting, roleplaying and social skills so i joined.

Due to our schedules, we had two separate sessions of character creation before the first session (i was on the second) so far, we had 1 main healer, 3 people focused on tank and dealing a lot of damage and a guy that was half healing and half damage, so i made a college of glamour bard focused on social skills (we started on level 7)

Our first session was we meeting each other and traveling to a dungeon to retrieve artifacts

Our 2°,3°,4° was dungeon crawling

5° was going back, getting paid, going monster hunting (since it was the most profitable quest) and killing the monster

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6° was going help some people building a wall (it was really close to the other quest) and ending up killing some low level monsters while the people build the wall and facing a adult dragon that we end up retreating since me and the main healer went to 0hp

The DM also got mad when he realized that we didn't need to guard the camp wile traveling because i would cast Leomund’s Tiny Hut so he made us not fully heal when long resting in the hut

Also also, it was very clear to me that the adult dragon thing was a last minute thing

Needless to say, wen we leveled up to level 8 I had to throw away my social build and get some damage magic because the only one I previously had was vicious mockery and heat metal.

I love the dynamic of the party and I'm very attached to my character, but the DM acts like he's against us and his goal is to kill at least one character (if not tpk)

I like feeling like I can Be as creative as possible, being as unpredictable as possible and create funny memories, as well as using my real life persuasion to try to reroll something after a few rounds or to get permission to do something stupid. This DM just try his best to interrupt me when Im asking permission and don't even listen to what I have to say to persuade him (even when the others are on my side) and that just kill the creative part of my brain that tries to look for unexpected ways to get out of a situation

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(Ex, during the dragon fight I asked to roll to have the dragon adopting me (my bard is based on cuteness, not being atractive) I got a 19, +my 4 charisma it was 23. The dragon got a nat 20, +their 3charisma 23. The DM made the dragon hate me and target me to all next rounds. I mean, I know he got a nat 20, but our numbers wore the same, a think a more middle ground approach would be better. Wen I asked to reroll again since it was 5 cubes away from me instead of the 30 it was previously, he just shut me down and told me no, looking at me closely would not make me look more cute to the dragon since it already hated me)

i don't know how this group plays since I didn't know any of them prior to this, but their focus on battle is making sessions really boring for me and I'm starting to think about quitting

I don't want to ruin the campaign for others or make the DM think I don't appreciate all the effort he put into it, but i also only joined for the rp experience and the social aspect

What should I do?


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