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Player Reward in Library, and Noble Feat

So I'm running a campaign that's city-heavy with several different organizations. There's a wizard academy that takes in students who've either made enough of a reputation for themselves, or nobles who can afford the tuition rate. This academy is in a city that's fairly noble-heavy with hints of an unofficial aristocracy.

My players want to do research in the libraries of the wizarding academy, but the party is still young enough that they haven't made a name for themselves yet. However, there is one player who took the Noble feat and has therefore gained access to the undergraduate library for a temporary portion of time. They overall party won't really get access to the libraries for a while, but what are some ways I can reward them when they do research in the libraries?

So far, I've thought of just them being able to roll investigation for anything their character would like to research, though topics of warlock pacts and illegal soul magic may be the topics they'd be searching. I've made it so those are found in the Masters, PhD, and Forbidden library, but they'd have to work to get access to those. But I don't want to just say they find nothing of interest in the undergraduate library.

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I was thinking of them being able to essentially get scrolls of spells, but they'd have to do extensive research to do so.

And because of the setting of many cities, nobility has a significant impact in gameplay. I want to let the player use their feat, but it feels like they're getting way too much access to everything because of it. For example, getting access to do research in the undergraduate library without becoming a prospective student yet and trying to deceptively bring the rest of the party with them. I allowed the one player to have temporary library access, but the other party members must stay behind. What are ways I can still let them use their noble feat, but still preserve realistic-ness in the world?

For reference, the party is a group of 4 level 5 players who are currently working to join a separate adventure's guild to raise their reputation.

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