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Player Shuts Down Sexist Comment, Made Me Smile

Content of the article: "Player Shuts Down Sexist Comment, Made Me Smile"

So in one of the D&D groups I'm a player in I overheard an exchange between players that made me smile.

  • Be me, Human Monk Pole-Arm Master.
  • Be not me, Warlock Edgelord, Rogue Dwarf Scout, and other people that aren't relevant.
  • After looking at the parties attempts in combat I realized that me playing a Monk wasn't contributing enough to our party balance. On top of that me stunning every Boss the DM threw at us was ruining his fun.
  • Decide to write character out of story in place for one that balances the party better and lets the DM have fun.
  • Party encounters an Orc raiding party that is heading towards a town.
  • Party also consist of two Dwarfs with an intense hatred for Orcs.
  • Enter combat and quietly take out most of the raiding party.
  • Edgelord warlock casts Shatter on the last boat.
  • Oh Fuck.
  • We need to cross and get out quick before reinforcements show up.
  • Monk holds a rope and tosses it to the Dwarf Fighter on the other side so casters can cross with advantage.
  • Everyone crosses, just Monk on the other side. Perfect time for him to leave.
  • Monk: This is where we part ways. We've learned a lot about the Orc forces and their desire to resurrect their dead God. If we die here the intel dies with us. I need to head back to my Commander and report what I've learned.
  • Big sad moment. Party starts throwing supplies across.
  • Edgelord Warlock's turn.
  • Edelord Warlock's Player: Lets see if I can make this throw.
  • Rogue Scout's Player: Yup, see if you can throw it like a baseball player or a kid at his first game.
  • Edgelord Warlock's Player: Yup. Lets see if I throw like a girl or not.
  • Rogue Scout's Player: Women play Baseball too. That's a shitty thing to say.
  • Edgelord Warlock's Player: Oh. Yeah, I guess your right.
Read:  (15m) A new DM who’s been playing for about a year, DMing for about six. I quickly grew to be a DM my players respected and appreciated, but I was working too much. So I had a new idea:

Anyway, after every character said their goodbye's to my Monk the DM ended the session there. I am excited to introduce my new character who can provide frontline and backline assistance at the same time.

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