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Player used homebrew way of rolling stats, how to fix?

Content of the article: "Player used homebrew way of rolling stats, how to fix?"


I'm a first time DM running for a group of three completely new players and one who has played before. The experienced player plays in a group that comes up with most of the rules themselves since they don't own / didn't read any of the books.

I talked the new guys through character creation and we rolled stats as described in the PHB (6 times 4d6 drop lowest). The experienced player was working at the time, which is why she didn't join us and rolled her stats on her own. I know her IRL and trust her that she didn't fudge rolls. Turns out, 6 sessions into our campaign, that she was using a homebrew way of rolling stats that she used in her last campaign and kept because she liked it, namely

7 times (4d6 drop lowest) drop lowest total*

which increases (if I did my scripting right) your average total score by something slightly above 4.

Default average total: ~73.4 Her way average total: ~77.4

The group has scores of 75,75,79, while she has 81 (before any racial bonus), she also is playing variant human, which gives her a free feat.

She isn't powergaming by any means, and often times making non optimal decision because they fit her character.

Apart from making sure we use the same way of generating stats for the next campaign (probably point buy), is this something I should fix, and if so how? 4 points is two ASIs is 2 levels. They are still level 3 (close to 4) so don't have any ASIs yet. The campaign will last till level 6 or maybe 7.

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I'd prefer not to take anything away from her, since losing something always feels bad. I'd prefer to give the other 3 some kind of benefit to balance things out. I was thinking about handing out +2, +1, +1 (max 19 to account for racial bonus) but that would mean that they all get two scores >= 18. I could do +1, +1, +1, +1? Feat and +1, +1 (That would also allow them to dip into feats)?


Thanks for reading 🙂

  • She rolls 7 times, (4d6 drop lowest), which gives her 7 numbers to spread across 6 stats. She drops the lowest again and now has 6 numbers.

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