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Players abandoned their quest giver, knocked out his assistant and killed the old secretary…what now?

Content of the article: "Players abandoned their quest giver, knocked out his assistant and killed the old secretary…what now?"

I’m sorry for the long text:

So I’m a new Dm and had recently my first session, I used the LMoP as an orientation and reskinned it ab bit, so it will fit into my homebrew world.

So the plan for them was to escort Angus (Gundrun Rockseeker) merchandise to the next town called Lindfell to receive their payment for the escort mission. Due to some mysterious message, Angus was alerted and headed to the destination on the evening before the Party started the escort. But he and his Bodyguard got ambushed and were abducted.

So the party leaves the town in the early morning to get the merchandise to the next town. They get ambushed by some goblins but are able to kill them all (even the one they planned to interrogate), they find the horse corpses, who belonged to their quest giver and his guard but they rolled poorly and chose to ignore it. They head straight to the town and deliver the goods to Mr Higgins, who is the assistant of their client. They each get their money and are asked about the whereabouts of their client, Angus.

They say they found horse corpses and goblins, what causes Mr. Higgins to beg them to go back and rescue his boss. Now the party (mostly consisting of good alignment PCs) demands a horrendous sum as payment to rescue their client.

But they fail their persuasion roll badly which causes the assistant to get nervous and call for the guards. The “Folk Hero” takes his shovel and knocks him out and the party drags him into the shop, where an old lady (the clients secretary) awaits them. She’s of course shocked but the Party makes some good Deception rolls and make her believe that they found Mr. Higgins unconscious.

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As soon as the old lady turns her back to the party to inspect Mr. Higgins head wound, the Folk Hero takes again his shovel smashes her head, which kills her, because commoners are very fragile…but do the Pcs feel guilty? No! They close the shop, toss the corpse into the next corner, tie the unconscious Mr. Higgins up and begin to search the shop for valuable items and money…

So what now? My first idea was that Mr. Higgins, the assistant, is actually the disguised Nezzar, who infiltrated Angus to collect informations about an item he smuggled for a dwarven Mafia group.

But I don’t want to congratulate my party for knocking a disguised villain per accident out and I don’t want to reward them for killing the old lady and probably turning into murderhobos…that’s why I thought that maybe the dwarven mafia might send some thugs to see after Angus and their “granny”?

Could someone help me with that situation?

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