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Players going off by themselves

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So I'm a fairly new DM and still getting my footing. My homebrew campaign has gone fairly well up till now, but I've hit a bit of a snag.

For some context: I DM for 5 players: our former forver DM, a very experienced/roleplay heavy player, and 3 more casual players (nothing wrong with that imo). The casual players are more difficult to keep engaged and prefer combat above all else. The two others prefer the social intrigues, roleplay and puzzles. So far I've had combat in almost all my sessions to appease the 3 casual players and also because it's easier to DM.

Last session I wanted to switch things up and set them up for an infiltration mission in the castle of a corrupted duke. The idea is to find proof of his corruption and get it to the right authorities. Unfortunately while scouting the place and recieving the mission I might have made it seem more difficult than I intended and the party thinks it's too dangerous to attempt. The session ended there.

Now here's where the snag comes up. The more experienced player has had connections with the local thieves guild and asked them for help. We RP'ed this in a private session outside of the regular sessions (very short though) since he went to see them alone (to which the party agreed). He's made a deal with them to create a distraction (cause a revolt/protest against the duke) and help him inside the keep. Problem is he wants to go alone and not tell the party. His reasoning being that he as a rogue has more chance to succeed in the stealth going in alone than with the entire party. Which I can't really fault him for seeing that the party consists of a rather clumsy barbarian, a trigger happy sorcerer and a paladin in full plate.

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The thing is I want to allow him to do this (I have warned him that eventhough his distraction will draw away some guards there's other potentially lethal dangers), but I fear my other players (excluding the former DM) might view this as me prefering one of my players and having him play part of the story alone.

What would you guys suggest I do? Also if he does go alone what could be a good thing to do to keep the party busy with their own exciting part of the story?

Thanks in advance!

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