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Players had an OOC conflict again and I don’t know what to do

tl;dr. Two players had an IC that became a OOC argument last night, It is not their first time and I don't know what to do.

Ok, to start off, I'm DMing Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden to a bunch of good friends on sunday nights, they all seem to be enjoying the game a lot, have made awesome backstories and are playing their characters concepts and secrets in a very interesting way. All that has been making the role of GMing most delightful to me, as a matter of fact I've never felt more accomplished DMing any other game. However, two of the players had a falling out last session, something that also happened between them before, and I simply do not know how to best tackle It in order to stop It from happening again.

Everything below is free of any spoilers to Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden

The party:

Mage; sorcerer's sibling
Sorcerer; rogue's SO
Blood Hunter;
Rogue; sorcerer's SO

The party got into one of the major cities of the campaign and divided itself, the Sorcerer and Paladin went to the prefecture to talk to the town's mayor, and the Mage, Blood Hunter and Rogue went to a famous tavern in order to hire mercenaries to help on their well-paid but complicated escorting mission.

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When they got to the tavern, they were accidentally hit by knives thrown from the inside in a knife-throwing competition that was happening. The target they were aiming at was set on the entrance door(not very smart, yes). They took at most 3 damage(lvl 5 players). The people that were partaking in the competition were not as interested in apologizing as they were in continuing the match. Rogue got angry at It, threw the knife back, missed, and used an item that AoE frightened everyone in the tavern, including her Mage friend, except for Blood Hunter who succeeded the Wisdom Saving Throw. She them proceeded to scold them(tavern folk) for being inconsiderate assholes. Blood Hunter got angry, said that what she was doing would fuck up their chances of ever hiring any mercenaries, the Rogue said It would do the opposite, enticing them by fear. The argument got heated, Blood Hunter set his sword ablaze, Rogue slapped him in the face and turned off the AoE effect.

As the people recovered themselves, they told these two to fuck off and they did, leaving only the Mage, who had some friends inside that still let him in.
At that point It was ok, only an in-game quarrel, i am not unfamiliar, nor entirely against that, in moderate doses. After all, the two were very different characters, Blood Hunter lived most of his life in an Order where respect was all, and Rogue was raised in a criminal organization, where being feared is considered a great quality.

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That's when It started. They both took separate ways afterwards, Rogue went after the rest of the party and Blood Hunter stayed outside the tavern, the player quickly left to eat(we are playing online). Rogue's player spent her time searching for the party talking OOC about how her plan was perfect to attract mercenaries, people only told them to leave due to Blood Hunter's flaming sword, and how he(Blood Hunter player) fucked It up.
Later, Blood Hunter player got back, and they started arguing OOC, I told them to wait for their characters to meet, jokingly saying that some portal would appear, allowing them never to meet again. I gave them some time to cool down, going through Paladin, Sorcerer, and Mage's parts. Even then, when they met, they got to It again IC and OOC. Eventually they stopped, as the session was nearing It's end and Rogue PM'd asking to leave early.

It all left the session in a strange tone that would only dissipate some time later.

After It ended and I was packing my stuff up, I remembered a very similar situation when we were playing Vampire: The Masquerade some years ago. Both of them(Blood Hunter, Rogue) had a misunderstanding in-game, which spiralled in a big in-game fight with losses to both sides, that Rogue turned into an OOC problem, then Rogue left the table and never played again.

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You see, I like these people a lot and would want to stop these kinds of conflicts from happening again. But, I'm not sure how to proceed.

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