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Players problem with spells

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I play in a game with a bunch of friends, half of the group are living over seas and the other half I know IRL. I am the typical forever DM so this is the only game that I actually get to play in. One of the players in the group had a falling out with most of the group over personal reason that I wont go into and left the group. I felt sorry for him as he really enjoyed playing D&D so I said that I would run a solo game for him, let him make a broken overpowered character so that he would be able to survive a game as a solo character but I told him from the word go that there are rules and there are limits. I also explained that this is a homebrew world and that it is has low magic and that magic is also outlawed as evil witchcraft and demonic stuff. So naturally he wants to be an edge lord and made a dark mage warlock person who is a teifling of all people. I reminded him of the setting rules about magic and he said he understood as the ONLY people who can use magic are priest and they are deemed miracle workers but even their powers are feared.

So he wants to flavour all of his magic as being darkness, so he wants to cast a spell like invisibility, he is surrounded by a misty shadow that conceals him. He wants to cast Eldritch Blast, it is black leaving a trail of darkness. I warned him what would happen if he starts using his magic in public yet he insists on being out in the open, casting spells to manipulate people like phantasmal force, illusions, dissonant whispers and all that to make people go mad. Each time I ask for a stealth check or a slight of hand check to be able to cast the spell without people noticing it is him and each time he decides to spend half an hour of the few hours play time we have to argue the matter.

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He says he is whispering his spells so no one can see or hear it happening and I tell him that to cast a spell with Verbal and Somatic components requires complex and deliberate arcane hand gestures as arcane incantations that need to be spoken aloud. Not to mention he is using a component pouch to cover the Material stuff so pulling out a random snakes tongue or an eyeball from your back pocket is not very sneaky. He insists that the rules of D&D dont say that he has to make extravagant gestures for casting spells. I have sent him almost on repeat screen shots of the Players Handbook on casting spells. VERBAL: Often words of power but can be any sound so long as it resonated with the right pitch and tones to make the spell work. SOMATIC: Forceful and or intricate gestures of the hands. So he cannot just whisper every incantation and do a finger twitch even by the actual D&D rules. Not to mention that this is a Homebrew game world and that I say that casting spells requires arcane incantation to be spoken with force and resolve and that somatic components are complicated gestures of hand and finger position (think The Magicians TV show) and though these things do not have to be extravagant, they are obvious to the point that anyone watching knows there is a spell going on. Added to the fact he is pulling random stuff from his arse pocket to cast the spell and everything is coupled with wisps of shadows and darkness means he has a very hard time disguising that he is doing something.

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This happens with EVERY SPELL and he likes casting them. So it feels like most of the time playing is spent out of game arguing the same exact point and no matter what he still has to do the rolls. It is exhausting and I feel like I am just wasting my time running this game for him when it is energy and time I can be spending doing something else. I have told him to stop arguing the point as not only is it a world I created and that is how magic is run in this setting, but that he also agreed to it each time I brought it during his character creation session and I brought it up allot.

So I guess what I am asking is that after all that, what should I do? It seems no matter what I say he just wants to constantly have the same argument lasting half an hour every 10 minutes when he wants to cast spells in front of people.

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