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Players putting little effort into favorable outcomes

Content of the article: "Players putting little effort into favorable outcomes"

My players dont really ever discuss the best courses of action and tend to do the thing that is obvious and right in front of them. It is kind of taking the wind out of my sails as a DM. I also feel like I can't say anything about it because they seem to be having fun playing as they are.

For instance, they fought an enemy who was obsessed with their treasures that were in a small room. It is a tough battle for them with a few coming close to outright dying, but they manage to deal enough damage for the enemy to retreat. They are all pretty injured and tapped of resources. They loot the treasures and someone says "I'm out of spells. Let's rest." Everyone agrees and they proceed to rest in the same small room that the enemy was guarding.

I feel like an ambush must happen with this decision so I sigh roll the short rest for my enemy and he gets almost full hit points back. I kind of have visions of a TPK so I only actually heal him about a quarter of what they rolled. They are about to long rest and I tell them they should probably post a guard so they do. Enemy ambushes them during the night and almost kills a couple of them but luckily they rolled well. They manage to kill the enemy since he was at such low life, but it would have been a TPK if he was at full like he was supposed to.

If I was playing, there is no way I would be long resting in that room, but the thought seemed to never even cross their minds that it could be a bad idea. They just seem to be playing like the actions they take don't matter all that much even though many times I have had consequences for their foolish decisions. They always still come out victorious though but that is because I would pull my punches so as not to wind up with lame deaths.

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As a DM it just feels kind of lame. I have heard of DMs that don't know themselves how their players are going to get out of a situations and leave it up to their players to rise to the challenge. I feel like I can't do that at all.

Are there any good ways to teach them that it is dangerous and they need to put more thought into their plans to survive other than throwing a TPK/death at them?

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