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Players that think they can handle any situation

Content of the article: "Players that think they can handle any situation"

Last night, I TPK my entire group, 'cause, to be honest, they don't seem to take the problems in account. It was a group of four 4lv characters, and they got wiped by a group of 24 orcs that they thought they could handle.
Since the beggining, the group don't seem to take any warnings or disavantages in account and they think they can handle and kill anything in their path, and as a DM, I had to change 2 previous situations to avoid TPKing the party, but this time I kinda got tired of the party saying "F**k this s**t! We can take it!"
The first situation, they had to go into a Druid's Dungeon, just to rescue some old writings for a ritual. The writings where in the first part of the dungeon and were guarded by a Tree Warden that made a deal with the PCs so they could leave unharmed. ANd also warned them not to go further in the dungeon, since there was only death ahead. It wasn't only the warning, there was a series of pits and traps that were designed for higher lv characters, since I wanted them to come back later. But they kept going and faced a final challenge that they weren't prepared and I had to go very easy on them not to TPK.
Last night, after they spent almost 15 days deep in a forest, they thought about going back to the city, to buy supplies, sell a ton of stuff they found, but found an army of orcs gathering about a day away from the city. In the way, they found a group of travelers and a group of merchants dead in the road with signs of attack. This army was clearing getting ready to raid the city and the PCs saw them at a great distance. When they were thinking about what they were going to do – and there was no imminent danger at their feet -, they heard a group of orcs getting closer in the woods. Just a loud group that didn't even see them. One of the PCs noticed that this group had over 20 orcs. Instead of thinking about what they could do since they were clearly outnumbered, they just thought "F**k this orcs… Let's kill those murdering rapists before they join the rest of the army" and went to face a the group. The battle went sideways, and the were all taken out after defeating a third of the group.
I've been DMing for a long time, and it's the first time that I'm facing this kind of problem.

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How would you handle this kind of situation? To be honest, I hate to even kill one player, but the stupidity is going over the roof. There is no sign of danger or death that can stop they from doing anything they want.

(Sorry for the english!)

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