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Players tried to sell plot/ character relevant magic items

Content of the article: "Players tried to sell plot/ character relevant magic items"

If you’re in a party that just lost a tiefling hexblade named Aslanna to a dragon, don’t read further 😀

First time DM with a party of first time players, and I’ve been it loving so far. So I’m running a group through a reasonably modified LMoP and so far I’ve given out two somewhat powerful low level magic weapons, a +1 dagger that grants +1 to initiative to my rogue turned war cleric, and a d6 sickle that can deal an extra 1 damage and deal only acid damage, at the cost of taking 1d6 acid damage. The dagger is connected to an old order of knights (and has been described as such) and has great historical value, and the sickle is an ancestral weapon of the Dragonborn tribe of one of my PCs, who has been searching for members of their tribe for almost a decade after they were scattered during a raid. This blade is the first material connection to his people he’s had in 10 years.

When they got back to the outskirts of neverwinter, both characters tried to sell the weapons(among other junk weapons) to an average blacksmith, who I had say something to the effect of “I don’t know what these are, what I do know is I can’t afford them.”

Was that too far to suggest they should hold onto these weapons? I know players aren’t beholden to the DMs precious world and story, and that that includes lore items, but I was still surprised that the Dragonborn tried to sell the sickle. Am I overstepping or is it reasonable to remind players in world that these aren’t just disposable items, they have real meaning?

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TL:DR players tried to pawn off story and character relevant magic weapons to a blacksmith who I had refuse them, was that too far on its own, and if it was okay, am I within my right to tell them they should maybe be precious with magic items?

Edit: forgot to mention, the Pali also found a warhammer that could be used as a focus, but he hasn’t been interested so far, but also hasn’t tried to sell it so no problem there lol.

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