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Plot hooks for Rime of the Frostmaiden

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This is my first post on reddit – (Owl)bear with me. For those seeing this and thinking TLDR; I am looking for tips on plot hooks to get my characters introduced to a new campaign in Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden.

I am planning a campaign for the new adventure, Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden for my group of 5. Having picked up the book yesterday, I was slightly disappointed to see that there were no suggested plot hooks for characters in the book (at least not when skimming through it).

I know that the Character Secrets would give SOME plot hook for the player, but I am looking for a greater way to implement them as a party at the beginning of the campaign. I am not a big fan of "you all know each other from before" as that rarely gives an interesting dynamic when it comes to trust/distrust and other RP elements. Therefore I prefer to have my players meet up pretty early in some exciting way.

I will do a session zero with my group beforehand, which obviously will give me additional tips on how to implement their characters in the story, but would love for you guys' inputs. I also usually do a session zeropointfive where I meet the different players of my group on discord for a private 1-2 hour session to get them to the point where they all meet up.

A couple of quick thoughts from myself:

– I assume my party will be split 50/50 on native characters and adventureres just arriving in Icewind Dale. In that case, I am thinking that the natives have accepted one of the starting quests (for example the goblin sled) beforehand, while the new arrivals arrive just in time to pick a side. Hopefully they do not pick the goblin side and afterwards will be asked to join to collect the reward and – tada – the first quest as a party is done.

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– I also like to give one of my players the npc's job as quest giver for one of the starting quests. I could easily swap out that woman in the tavern claiming to know who's the serial killer, asking for their help to track down the killer. Safety in numbers and all that.

– In the event everyone being foreigners, I could have them all travel in the same group and just throw the first quest somewhat on them. Here I also like the goblin quest as that gives an incentive for them to travel to a destination together.


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