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Plotting multiple genocides at level 3, A kobold story

>Be me, Kobold GWF Samurai from past Kobold stories.

>Be not me, rest of group

>Be just done with the boss fight and go check out the Arcaneum to see what's in there.

>Everyone goes there, key goes in and DM uses Aizen to demonstrate the magical properties of the place, no more then 4 books per person can be out of their slot at any given time. If you try and take a book out you take 1d8 fire damage and you're not allowed to take notes.

>The last to rules are told to us by Aizen

>Vuman monk player decides to have a funny moment and asks "hey library are we allowed to take notes and stuff?"


>Everyone freaks out about the magic talking library

>Decide to not give a shit in character because it's magic shit and my 8 int says just rolling with it 'because magic' is a good idea

>Look for info on my "grenades"

>Don't find anything

>Triton druid finds book on animals of freelands

>Mention that's where I'm from IC

>DM says she turns the page and sees a picture of a kobold

>TFW you're literally described as fauna

>Starting to hate the empire more and more IC

>Add them to genocide list subconsciously

>Ask if I can look in the book to see anything about really big people (Giants) due to backstory reasons

>Look over and ask GM to send me what I found out about "(((them)))" in chat after the session is over

>Other people wrap up their study session and head out

>Go to put my hand on the doorframe as I leave and say thank you to the library

>"Please don't touch the doorframe"

>MFW I get rejected by a building

>Everyone makes building / stable relationship puns OOC

>Big funny all around

>We end session with the DM describing empire guards showing up and taking Aizen away

>Get told the follow RL day that we can do sidestories in the town as we go about doing things

>Be given a day before Aizen's arrest to do things around town as the side story (a one on one session)

>Decide to go see Vance, Aizen's merc friend who seems like he's gonna be running things around here after Aizen's gone.

>Ask him for tips as he's a former merc.

>Says he can't help with greatswords

>Pull out pike and glaive

>"That's more my style"

>Head to forest clearing for sparring session

>He gives me initiative and we start trading blows

>Move and get bonked for it, he has sentinel feat

>Manage to sweep his legs and knock him prone, follow up by running on his chest and pointing my blade at his throat.

>Pull back and let him stand up again as this is just sparring after all

>Both now at about half HP and he starts really getting into it

>Phase two baby

>Now has polearm master feat as he's buttend-ing me after every attack, I'm under half health and pop second wind

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>He immediately crits me and puts me at around 8 HP total.

>Pop fighting spirit and action surge to finish him with a crit of my own

>Describe going in for a Mikiri counter but stopping with my blade at his throat

>Smile and step off his weapon, help pull him up despite being literally less then half his size

>He mentions how he hasn't had a fight like that in years and is impressed

>Feel proud and it shows.

>He asks where I learnt to fight like that

>Tell him chief taught me how

>He says he'd like to meet him one day

>Try and tell him where eden is and fail because 8 INT and it's a funny moment

>As we walk back to town the convo changes to what I'm doing out here

>Tell him I'm training so one day I can go home and kill the very big people and get my (very dead) family back

>He mentions giants to me

>Immediately want to know more about them

>Learn that Vance faced some, aiming for the eyes and heels is a good idea.

>Very thoroughly listen to him

>He starts to notice how "I'll make the holocaust look like a fucking tea party" my face is and asks me to not judge books by their cover

>Ponder what he means, he points to me as an example of the principle he means. Pointing out that I was able to floor him twice despite being 3 foot tall kobold.

>Kind of pick up what he's putting down but still not fully slotting the puzzle pieces together

>Let Vance get back to things after thanking him for the sparring session and go sell manticore bits too the town alchemist.

>Pick up some whetstones as well as potions, Alchemist also mention that she likes kobolds and saw there are multiple types of them, some looking like little wolf things.

>Decide it would be funny to make them out to be "the town over that we all hate" of my kobold tribe

>Do so and confuse the shopkeep but she's happy because I bought potions, an alchemist's fire and an anti-toxic so she has enough money to buy alot of ingredients

>Thank her and leave to go re-join the group

>Next session rolls about and the party is getting ready to head off after Aizen's departure

>Find out Goliath Barb is actually a good smith and upgraded all the town's equipment for free

>Everyone really likes him

>Vance comes and says goodbye as we head off

>get the MF approving father head pats

>Have an uneventful journey too next town over, it's near the sea

>A few of my party members have been there before

>Get told we'll be stopping for an hour or so

>Decide to go with Triton druid and goblin rogue too see her friend.

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>Go upto door and be greeted by person who recognises Trition druid

>Be welcomed in but asked too put weapons as the door

>Look to Triton druid for guidance, she says it's ok so I do it

>Sit down with tea and cookies at table while the two catch up

>Occasionally interject to help fill in the whole story

>Bring up the orbs and eventually sell the big one and a few of the smaller ones to her

>Let Triton druid finish reminiscing before leaving

>Head back to cart and driver friend shows of his latest purchase, a bag of holding

>Session ends with some jokes.

>Next session and we're on the road, DM rolls for random encounters

>We hear the beating of wings overhead as two griffons land on either side of the carriage

>Get out and take point, charging up to the one infront of us and attacking doing OK damage

>Get knocked to 1/3 of my HP in a single following turn

>Vuman and Cleric come up and save my ass by finishing it off

>Goblin rogue decides to try and show off, trickshotting the griffon and missing

>Triton druid heals me

>It now flies over and fucks up the goblin rogue like it's dead lover did to me, critting as it does

>Goliath barb manages to grapple the thing

>I run and crossbow it, discover it now has a permanant barbarian rage active because we killed it's mate

>The rest of the group (Minus the goblin rogue who's holding his eye and running from it) pound on it, I run and swing with my greatsword, action surging and decapitating the thing. The severed head lands on my own like a gorey helmet, it's a cool moment

>We check on goblin rogue, he's missing an eye

>Find the missing eye impaled on one of the griffon's talon.

>Monk pockets the eye in case it can be healed back

>Skin and loot the bodies monster hunter style

>Make way to next town, get asked for paper an driver friend says to show our merc badges

>Do so and get let in

>This is a very fancy town, reminds me of home in a strange way

>Find our merc groups FOB in this town and leave goblin rogue in the care of the alchemist running the place.

>He's purple

>Ask "why are you the wrong colour?" as innocently as possible

>Group erupts into laughter proving racism = funny.

>Group plays up the "oh my god that's so offensive" angle for jokes and it's all around a good time

>Head to where we need to and go shopping for things like an eyepatch

>Shits real expesive

>Encounter Gnome shopkeep (who's a dick) and triton shopkeep (with big tiddy goliath MILF GF)

>Goliath barb gets looked over once and shot down faster then a german plane during a WW 2 night time dog-fight

>Buy some more potions and sell my griffon head

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>Meet up back at FOB and leave the NPC bard behind because he's tired

>Get more info on the job, the sewers have something in them causing problems and the workers are striking because of it, 17 people missing.

>Head to where the job is for this town, the sewers.

>make our way inside and roll initiative

>Dungeon crawl babyyyyyyy

>Triton druid hits us with a pass without trace

>Perception check to get a read on what the fuck is happening in here

>hear chatter up north, inform party and move too investigate

>See kobolds holding spears up at two people

>Figure these are the bad kind of kobolds, not me, so they need to die

>Ready my crossbow bolt for one of them.

>Monk, barb and cleric do the same thing


>Easily clean up the rest.

>Have coversation with the people we saved

>it's an NPC we'd already met during session one, a merc called cutter who's with a noble looking for adventure

>Find out this noble is called matthew and has a trait that acts as a permanent GWM feat that can't be turned off

>Hear more noise further head and make our way across a stream of flowing water

>Too the east there is some chatter, to the west nothing

>Cleric throws a rock with light cast on it east, a kobold comes out and triggers it's own trap instantly killing it

>Laugh as we go back into initiative and goliath barb charges in blocking the doorway. Monk practically mounts him and attacks too.

>I see the doorway get's a little crowded and also notice that what we thought were walls were actually just pillars in the darkness

>Get idea

>Run and jump over the water stream, get grappling hook out and sling it around the pillar everyone is standing nearby and ride tether around the pillar

>Go full Levi with it, everyone seems to like it

>See a few more kobolds there, go after the boss looking one

>Miss my first attack and action surge to hit him hard but not down

>Have to dip from session because of IRL reasons

>Next session monday, hyped as fuck for it


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