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Possibly popular fact: Well written charachters make for better games.

Content of the article: "Possibly popular fact: Well written charachters make for better games."

In every "hot take post-chain's" life, there comes a time when someone posts a "Just dismount your fucking high horses you biassed loudmouths and shut up" type of thing. I decided to bring about such a time for the "My different approach to charachter creation IS the good way and all others are wrong"chain.

No, restrictions don't universally increase creativity. They can give you ideas that inspire you. But so can more options, especially when it's playing against type. Yes, if haflings couldn't play fighter or barbarian, it could make you decide to play a halfling who tries to defend their community despite of that fact. Ooor, if they can, you can play a halfling barbarian who wants to prove themselves to more traditionally strong races. Both can be fascinating If well executed.

No, cliché charahcters don't automatically make your charhacter better than others. In my team, we have a kenku rogue, who is basically James Bond with a beak when it comes to the shit he pulls off, and the efficiency. He also lies and counterfeits papers. He is not playing against type, and he is still One of the most fascianting charachters we have. But there is also my chararchter, who is a tabaxi. Not a rogue, not a bard, but a wizard necromancer, with a neutral good alignment. She studies necromancy because she feels that the relatively short lifepsan of people, and that passing to the otherside is not a choice for when you are ready, is a cruel mistake of the gods and wants to correct it. She is also a coward, but she fears losing her loved ones to death more than her own life, so she adventures for power.

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Wether a charachter is fascinating and interesting, both in combat and RP, has nothing to do with your precious "Unpopular Opinions", it depends on how well they are written.

Restrictions and Clichés don't hinder or aid making good charachters. It's all up to the writing and creativity. You can enjoy a charachter for being totally against type, or for the satisfying feeling of tropes and archetypes unfolding before you. But neither is better than the others.

I don't know why the other two guys are saltier than Parajd mine in Transsylvania about freedom and novelty of charachter creation. And the problem is not even that they dislike it. The problem is thatthey are assume their opinion IS the right one.

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