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Potentially crazy campaign idea that i need help with

Hello my fellow DMs! I shall be joining your ranks in one weeks time when I run the first session of a new campaign for a few of my friends. I have been playing Dnd with this group for going on 3 years now, and our "forever" DM asked to take a break, so im taking over for a campaign! I have run one shots in the past, but this is my first full campaign, and i am quite excited. Since it is my first time, i am just using the Sword Coast as my setting, and then pulling stuff from other source books and such to fit what i want. I am actually using quite a bit of the Netheril Empire from i believe 4th Edition has a basis for my campaign.

My current plan is that one of the floating cities the Netheril Empire had actually wasnt destroyed, and has literally just been floating above the continent, but in a weird sort of way. I wanted for the floating island city to be in a kind of limbo state, where it is halfway between the material plane and a different plane. So the party can get to the island from the material plane, but when they actually dive in, they enter a different plane of some sort. Heres my issue though. I had a kinda ambitious idea, and im not sure if i am biting off more than i can chew. Heres the idea: (much of this is lifted from various source books and compiled to get this hodge podge).

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There is a parallel plane, called the Otherworld (name open for changes, that just my place holder for now) that is a mirror of the material plane. The differences include: animals are a bit more savage, essentially scaled up to dire wolf from a regular wolf. Inhabitants are the "dark" versions of the race. So elves are drow, dwarves are duergar, gnomes are svirfneblin, etc. There is no sun. Instead the air just glows with a soft bluish-silver light. The ground or "earth" has a natural cooling and heating cycle just like a normal world has ngiht and day. During the "day", the warmer temperatures bring in dense mists that limit visibility greatly, so locals are essentially nocturnal. Oh and none of them have vocal chords. Instead, all races of the Otherworld have limited telepathy.

Anyways, so when the party ventures up to this now accessible ancient floating city, its just as you would expect, the ruins of a city. But for whatever reason (haven't figure out why yet) one or all of the PCs occasionally catches glimpses of an illusory city overlayed on the ruins. The illusory city is a semi-transparent visual representation of the mirror city from the Otherworld. This island acts has a sort of gateway between the two planes, caused by the magical experiments done by the Netheril centuries ago. Im looking for a connection that could be compelling to my players, even just a simple campaign hook that could be fun utilizing this unorthodox setting feature. I have a few things planned for them in the massive city that lies below, but i wanted to start out with an adventure using this Otherworld concept and then move on to the overall plot with the BBEG and such.

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