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Premade vs homebrew

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Hi, I want to start a little friendly discussion here. My friends and I started playing dnd half a year ago. We started with the campaign Lost Mine of Phandelver. We all enjoyed it and had a blast. I began integrating a lot of details of my own. Then I purchased Dragon of Icepire Peak. At that point the story had become its own thing to the extent the incounter in the book was all I used. The dragon of icepire peak wasnt the main quest anymore. but it was more of a near future goal. A reason to become stronger. This was also due to the lack of substance in Icepire's plot.

My players started their own campaigns. I got to also be a pc. But here they showed up, fully homebrewed world. Only thing that wasn't homebrewed was monsters. Now i sat there like an uncreative sack of bones.

I don't even feel like my plots are my own. I merely just builded on what already was there. used npcs already written.

i have done some unique stuff. I made Glass staff go in hiding at an orc camp. I have made some plot twists. I used one off npcs for major story arcs, but its still not completely my own.

I know the tory is something the players and DM create, but thats why our story is so different now. The players actions.

Now as the icepire chapter was wrapping up, I could start making my own encounters/adventures completely. But then I realised I really wasnt good at comming up with stuff like that. Small adventures. I can make a plot but not an adventure.

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I was looking at an adventure in the book. As I was sitting there changing plot hooks, npcs relations and reasons and the adventures tie in for the story as a whole, I realised I basically was copying somebodys homework and changing it a little so the teacher wouldnt notice.

All this has just made me a little unmotivated.

What are your opinions and spins on the matter? There are many great stories out there like Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and Curse of strahd. But those stories, those cities, npcs, encounters and adventures are not yours.

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