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Prepping for my first attempt at DMing, starting with Frozen Sick from Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount.

Content of the article: "Prepping for my first attempt at DMing, starting with Frozen Sick from Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount."

If my username is familiar to you then you're probably one of my two players in which case you should stop reading now!

For everyone else, potential spoilers for Critical Role/Frozen Sick in this thread!

I've played in a few different campaigns over the years and have hit that point where it seems like the only way I'll get to be part of a campaign is if I learn to DM since every other campaign sputters and stops after a handful of sessions (usually just 1 or 2).

I love Critical Role and many other D&D shows/podcasts. So because I've devoted the time to watching all of campaign 1 and up to present with campaign 2 I figured picking up the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount would be easier than trying to build my own world from scratch.

I decided on the Frozen Sick starting adventure and I'm hoping I can get the hang of DMing enough by the end of the adventure to branch out and build more adventures in front of the players in whichever direction they decide to go afterwards.

Sorry for the rambling lead-in, here's where I could really use some advice…

1- Small Party Problems

It looks like I'm going to be running for only 2 players, so I plan on supplementing the party with one additional DM-NPC to get the party up to 3. I know the Dungeon Master's Guide says to build encounters assuming 3-5 PC's. For Frozen Sick I've done the encounter threshold math and it seems like a lot of encounters still clock in past deadly for parties of 3.

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How much should I tune down the encounters for Frozen Sick or encounters I build for the travel sections and future adventures? Has anyone ran Frozen Sick with only 3 in the party? How rough/doable were the encounters?

2- Villian-Antgonist Building

I definitely need some more threats to put the players against while the only villian I've got ideas for so far slowly builds in power in the background. What low-mid level threats do you guys think would be good to build to from Frozen Sick?

The only current idea for a BBEG I have is the Udermaw, Quajath and their cult in the Tomb of the Worm.

My big problem with using Quajath as an enemy is it seems like the type of enemy to have toward the end of the campaign after the characters have reached high/epic levels. So at this point I'm not sure how much I want to give away of that plot besides rumors and little clues.

I've done some light planning/notetaking on Quajath's potential plans to grow the cult so they can free Quajath from their icy tomb.

Some ideas for expanding the cult are getting control of some sort of caster powerful enough to do some sort of teleportation so Quajath's meat can convert/controll others further out. Alternatively getting control of a cleric with "Gentle Repose" so the meat can be in suspended decay for 10 days before the actual 10 day decay begins. (This cleric could also escort the meat to get it anywhere with subsequent casting.) Lastly if Quajath finds out about "the Buyer's" chest that can transport things to Palebank and Uthodurn then that's a potential option for meat transport assuming the meat could make it to Syrinlya within 10 days.

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In terms of freeing Quajath from the ice I was thinking if they learn of the runes at Uraliss then they could send wormkin to unlock their secrets to thaw their "God" out.

I'm definitely thinking about coming up with a village name for the Tomb of the Worm since it's far too much of a giveaway as is.

If at some point I run the "Meat Thieves" adventure I think I'd also have the wormkin imprisoning Jarinmine and her friends and starving them out/force feeding them meat rather than executing them.

3- Hooks for Follow-Up Adventures

What kind of hooks have you guys inserted into this adventure and where/how did you drop them?

4- Transplanting Modules

Assuming I'm any decent at running modules like the starting adventure I was thinking I could transplant various other modules into different places in Wildemount that the players may go. I know I've seen some people talking about doing things like that.

What easily accessible modules have you guys ran/think could be ran in Wildemount and where do you think they fit best?

5- Learning to Homebrew

How do you guys go about writing your own adventures? What kind of notes do you take and/or how do you format them?

Sorry about the long post, any DM tips for a newby preparing to start a campaign from Frozen Sick is apprciated.

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