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Prepping for Out of the Abyss – General and Character Questions

Content of the article: "Prepping for Out of the Abyss – General and Character Questions"

Hello! I’ll be starting Out of the Abyss on Roll20 for a group of 5 next Tuesday. Definitely excited for it, so I wanted to share what I’ve done to prep and then ask some questions to make sure I’m ready to make the game as fun as possible. (-:

So far, I’ve used the Google machine to find some great resources (the Power Score RPG guide is SUPER helpful) for my prep work. This has helped getting the players ready for “Survival-Horror” to start out, they understand some fights are better to run away from, and at Session 0 we covered that they were captured by the Drow. On my side of things, I’ve done a lot of preparing for the metric ton of NPCs (getting familiar with motivations/backgrounds, making distinct voices, thinking of the dynamics between various NPCs, etc.) and I’ve been trying to prepare for various ways the PCs might try to escape.

Here’s the party: – Dwarf Cleric (Life Domain) – Half-Elf Warlock (Hexblade) – Deep Gnome Wizard (Going War Wizard route) – Rock Gnome Artificer (Going for the robo-dog) – Drow Fighter (She’s headed toward Arcane Archer)

Questions: – If people here have experience with OotA, can you think of anything you’re glad you prepped for Session 1? Alternatively, is there anything you WISH you did to prep for Session 1?

  • Given the party composition, does anybody with experience with the adventure have any immediate call outs? I’m planning to put the PC’s gear in the garrison as opposed to Ilvara’s private quarters since the Wizard and Artificer will have a lot of trouble without their spell book/tools. Anything else like that to consider? Any story implications I should keep in mind? That actually leads to my next question…

  • Does anyone have tips for running a party in OotA with a female Drow PC? Part of me is annoyed with myself for not outright banning Drow during character creation, but I also think the right thing isn’t to say “No” to the excited player and instead get creative with how she’s involved. I’ve told her it would have to be a pretty dramatic event to have strong willed female Drow sent to be a slave, as her sex makes her the top of the Matriarchal culture of the Drow. Background aside (we’re working on making sure there is enough dramatic impetus for her capture/enslavement), are there potential conflicts I should prepare for that would be specifically different because of the presence of a Drow in the party?

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Thank you all for any/all help!

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