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Pretty funny and insane moment from tonight

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be me, DM Be not me 17 year old human Druid (the star of the show), half drow rogue, half orc fighter, and dragonborn wizard/warlock Wiz/lock turns everyone invisible as they're sneaking up on this walled village in a jungle It's been taken over by Kuo-Toa (due to plot reasons not important here) They kidnapped NPC friends Group is figuring out how to break in Wiz lock decides to run off and start the small crops in front of the walls on fire, like the Pyro she is Rogue runs up to the wall while invisible, with druid wildshaped into a spider hiding on her Door opens for emergency crew to our out fire and a group to find cause Rogue sneaks right past Her and Druid split up, cause they're both invisible Both of them eventually discover that they're using human slaves for something and they're all very young and malnourished Rogue doesn't rly care, but leaves the houses she goes into that they're in unlocked Cares more about looting the old bank/mayor office Gave her fun loot Druid circles around the village the other way, even though it's night he witnesses them abusing a couple slaves and forcing them to work Eventually finds a house where the slaves sleep Still in spider form, crawls under the door 10×50 building packed with bunk beds, barely enough space to walk aside from a small entry Immediately turns human again, creates light in yhis windowless building and wakes all of them up Tells them he's there to set them free They're confused, as the door is closed Druid quickly realises that the door can't be unlocked from inside Get everyone to crowd to one half of the building Summons a large size bear right in front of the door, it destroys objects just by being in such a small spaces Gets it to obliterate the door and run through Kuo Toa patrol about 30 feet away outside Witness a bear burst out of a locked slave building Pants are being shat.jpeg They throw a spear and miss, and panic harder Then the druid That absolute madman Said the words that sent the whole table into uproarious laughter "Okay so now I summon the second bear" Game stops for 5 minutes SidesInOrbit.mp4 The Kuo-Toa are screaming and running from unexplainable bears Village is in utter chaos, as the wizlock and fighter have managed to start the wooden guard towers on the walls on fire while this was happening completely unrelated Wizlock invisible again, using second last spell slot climbs over gate with great difficukty Druid discovers other slave buildings and frees them as well, using the bears as protection Wizlock opens the village Gate after shoving guards to their death Fighter storms in the gate right as the slaves are within visual of it Also a group of 8 guards 30+ slaves run as the gate opens, and the group uses the opportunity to slip further into the village, to investigate the very suspicious temple The rogue was looting a hidden vault this whole time and ended up at the back of the church at the same time by complete accident Session ends there Players tell me that it was the best session ever Literally just drew the village and let them go nuts

God I love d&d and moments like this

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