Dungeons & Dragons Online

Pride Goeth Before the Fall

Be me: Kol-Jha, Koldemar Sorcerer

Be not me: DM; Yeet, Gnoll Ranger; Murdut Ork Fighter Ben Human Oracle The Butcher, Ironborn Paladin; Silit, Kobold Rogue

Session Open

Bring the giant spider corpse to the mayor and explain that there were a lot more of them.

We bring the corpse of our Oracle to the Mayor can deal with Human burial rights… none of the party are clergy, or Human, so it's not really something we'd know how to do.

They Mayor acknowledges that we're making progress against the threat to the town, thanks us, and begins making funeral preparations for Ben.

Silit grabs Kol-Jha's leg as he's stepping out of the mayor's estate and explains she slept in.

Kol explains they were just killing some spiders…

"Glad I wasn't there, I'm a smaller Kobold. I'd be a snack!" – Silit.

Kol gives Silit their share from the Spider fight, even if she wasn't there the party's splitting the gold.

… Silit refuses the share.

shrug More gold for the rest of us.

Let the rogue know the Oracle didn't make it… the Oracle was bigger than her and the Spiders still got him.

With that we turn to the next subject: finding someone to replace the Oracle

We find The Butcher at the notice board looking for things to kill…

Mention an underground fortress of monsters and he just about insists on being shown the way there.

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Kol insists he meet the rest of the party before we go… introduce the Butcher to Yeet… he comments about the party being entirely made of 'meat'… okay then.

And with that we make preparations to go to the dungeon!

"It's a day and a half trip there…. you'll want to bring rations, food, and… metal for filling holes?" – Veris

The day passes on the road and we find the guards have made stronger defenses.

The guards tell us about something trying to leave… using smoke bombs and either poison or quite skillful stealth…

Kol turns to the Butcher "Do you breath?"

Butcher "No."

Kol "You go first."

And with that we begin our decent into the dungeon.

We make our way to the foyer with the bridge

The Butcher immediately accosts the single Kobold standing out in the open unusual-like for Kobolds

Silit NOPEs and steps back.

Kol-Jha is momentarily blinded when he casts Detect Magic… OH SHIT THIS GUYS KITTED OUT

Silit adds to this, being one of the champions of her, former, tribe he's not just kitted out, he's actually badass: "He's killed multiple CAVE BEARS, by himself, at the same time." she says.

The Kobold accosts us exclaiming that we shall not pass, the master forbids it.

Our Rogue tells us how deadly this one particular Kobold is.

Kol suggests she turn the trap he's standing on on… she stealths and makes her way down, not seeming very confident in killing this super-soldier.

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Meanwhile Kol begins trying to bait him into discarding any of his magic items… right before Silit reactivates the fire trap

The fire trap activates… Ka-BOOM!

Three of his three magic items detonate annihilating the Kobold Champion… a fitting end for such an over-bold Kobold.

The DM spent nearly a week hyping up this guy as something we couldn't fight head on.

DM also lets us know the next map isn't ready due to a technical error.

We notice a section of scales survived with a magic tattoo on it and a suit of impressively enchanted armor.

Once the trap is disabled we go inspect our loot.

Kol begins looking over the scales first with Detect Magic…

We find out the tattoo is… plant sphere and transmutation… strange.

Can't unravel all the details of the tattoo…. press hand to it and will the tattoo off the scale section and onto Kol-Jha… DM explains it magically hardens Kol's scales giving him +5 Natural Armor

Take a look at the armor… it's +3 FullPlate with an additional Abjuration on it…

Decide to give it to the Paladin even though Kol can't fully ID it.

DM explains what it is in detail and what the items we're missing out on were.

This guy had near Terrask hunting gear.

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We march forward until… the gate is closed.

Shot to anyone in earshot to confirm that the explosion was their champion.

We climb the ladder to see the guards prepared for a fight

The guards want to know what that explosion was and aren't standing down until we explain.

We explain about the Kobold champion and show off the loot we got from it.

We hang out with the guards for a little while while we rest…

Until the Butcher decides he wants to hike back to town… guess we'll go along.

The Mayor congratulates us but no rewarding for the not-related-to-the-job murder of a Kobold champion.

Call session as we march back to the dungeon.

Short episode today due to the technical difficulty.

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