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Pro Tip: Shoving your opponent can be better than simply trying to escape a grapple.

Content of the article: "Pro Tip: Shoving your opponent can be better than simply trying to escape a grapple."

When you are grappled, you can try to escape as an action and roll either Athletics or Acrobatics against the grappler’s Athletics. However, grapples are also ended if the grappled creature is removed from the reach of the grappler. This means that using Shove might be a better way to escape.


  • If you’ve got Extra Attack, you have more chances to escape since Shove is done in place of an attack. Alternatively, escaping on your first attempt means you can still attack that round. This is the biggest reason you’d do this.

  • Some bonus actions such as Shield Master might be triggered by this because you are taking the Attack action. For Shield Master specifically, that means another chance to escape. Most of these require you to be attacking with a specific weapon though.

  • It might make it slightly easier to flee. If you both have the same movement speed, then moving away after the shove will mean that they’ll have to dash to catch up.

  • There could be an environmental benefit to moving the enemy such as a pit for them to fall into or a spell effect area.


  • If you’ve got a lower Athletics than Acrobatics, this would obviously reduce your chances of escaping if you’ve got a single attack. If you’ve got two or more attacks and similar bonuses, it still might be better to shove though.

  • If the enemy has a reach larger than 5ft, shoving them 5ft won’t let you escape.

  • The enemy is 2 or more sizes larger than you means they can’t be shoved. If they were that big, they probably also had a larger reach than 5ft.

  • There could be something blocking them from being shoved. Or perhaps it would put them next to one of your allies which you don’t want.

  • The enemy might have a higher Acrobatics than Athletics. This is a little unlikely though since they probably wouldn’t have gotten you grappled in the first place.

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EDIT: For the people trying to say this isn’t RAW or isn’t RAI, here is Sage Advice confirming that this works.

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