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Problem with a Ranger player and Natural Explorer

So my players are all new and up until last session they were doing pretty great. Two sessions ago they defeated a Cyclope and the session ended with a group of three Griffons over their head, the idea was to have a cliffhanger but it turned out pretty poorly.

So we start last session and they meta game all the way, they don't even bother asking everyone what to do, they went from "Oh my God what do we do now?" to "I cast Invisibility on X cause we decided so" and the rest of the party run away, no role play, no talk between each other, nothing.

Then they go back to rest in a safe spot and apart from the Rogue molesting his irl girlfriend while Invisible no one is saying anything, nothing at all. No talk about what they did the prior session, no talk about what to do next. "We move on to the next encounter what do we see". And that's when the problem started. The Ranger starts saying that since they have been moving in the Mountains (favorite terrain she chose after remaking the character cause reasons and was completely build on the premise of the adventure I told them I was running FE Orcs/FT Mountain) she knows the exact location and number of every creature there are tracks of. No roll needed. No nothing. She knows everything and wants a list of the next possible targets they can choose from.

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Now I'm a new DM that has been playing 5e only as a master for not even a month and a half, but that sounded iffy. She still wanted to know everything and everyone there was and ever existed. She even wanted information on the Dragon that is in his cave on top of Icespire Peak while only standing at the base of the mountain.

Now they followed the tracks of 30ish goblin that led them inside a cave system run by them. A whole community of goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears. And after endind this session with the first encounter of Goblin, four goblins died while two managed to run back thanks to the others buying time with their life.

Now if the Ranger is on a crossroad in a dungeon she asks how many goblin on the left and how many others are on the right, and she wants exact numbers without making any checks.

As a DM from what I've gathered she still needs to make a Survival check and only doubles her +2 (she's lvl 4) for such checks and the DC is still pretty high. What do I do with her? She doesn't want to listen.

By the way anyone got any prebuild encounter for a Goblin cave community😅

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Edit. I'm sorry that the post turned mostly as a rant guys I just started writing and I had to get it out. The question is "When does a Ranger get the ability listed in his Natural Explorer skill that let's it know the exact number of creatures she's tracking? "

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