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Problems as a GM, need help dealing with player.

Content of the article: "Problems as a GM, need help dealing with player."

I originally made a post in rpg and I was suggested to post here for better responses instead. My original post was this: (I have a game currently set up using DnD 3.5e. The problem I am facing is with a player, he seems to be playing DnD as if it were Skyrim or Oblivion. He has split off from the party to do his own thing, and has killed several people and stolen lots of items from shop keepers. He served jail time, but is now upset that we can't really continue with him until the party catches up to his time period (40 in-game days). On top of that, he seems to just get lucky with encounters. He befriended a Griffon and killed a Gray Render, taking it's child and speaking to it using Tongues. He's slowly assembling a party of monsters and a Cheetah, which there is two problems now.

He acts like his actions don't bear any real consequences on the world, even though the people he has killed will not come back, and he has already served jail time for his crimes, and has been on the king's bad side due to this.

He's extremely powerful and can practically win any encounter I throw at him. Yet, he's level six.

I should mention, that the campaign takes place in an alternative steampunk setting, so there are guns, and I think that's what might be too powerful for them to have. Is there any way I can make story related reason for nerfing it? Or is there any encounter I can make to give him an actual challenge?

Read:  I'm tired of "inclusivity" trying to ruin settings. If the GM tells you "I like your idea but it's just not appropriate for the setting" or "I'm not comfortable with this choice, sorry" then don't be an utter infant and throw a tantrum. You could ruin someone's livelihood or career.

Update: I have talked to a player in my game and have nerfed the guns. However, there is still the problem of the companions, those companions make the character super strong. None of my encounters have been near-death experiences for him, but the other players, even together, have had these experiences. Would still like some sort of suggestion for really difficult encounters.)

So with that being said, I'm not looking to kill the player outright, if I can avoid it. I need more extreme encounters that won't necessarily outright kill the player, but more-so make him feel mortal with consequences in the world, like the other players do.

I should also mention that when we get into an encounter, he looks up the monster we're dealing with to get a rough idea of the stats (because I do not always go with the base stats given by the handbook), so the player does do a bit of metagaming to do min-maxing and always know what he's up against.

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