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Psi Warrior VS Soulknife

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Psi Warrior Fighter and Soulknife Rogue are thematically similar, based on psionic energy. I want to point out that I really like both of the subclasses, but this is a discussion based on their psionic energy dice features only. Who gets the best use of their psionic energy?

Fighter – Psi warrior

Protective Field. The reduction in damage isn’t huge, but it gets better and better, up to a d12+INT mod. The fact that you can do this multiple times, as long as you have a reaction and psionic energy dice, also makes it quite good. It would be better if the protective field instead boosted the AC of the creature, but I can see how that would be to powerful.

Psionic Strike. The only reason not to use this every turn in combat is to not use up your psionic dice, in case you get a critical hit, or you want to use other psionic energies. You also add your INT mod to the damage, making it even better, and the dice scales up from a d6 to a d12. You can even use this on an attack within 30 feet, so it doesn’t need to be a melee attack. Nothing to complain about.

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Telekinetic Movement. Thematically works well with the psionic build. It is also a good feature. Not anything crazy, but it works. The fact that the first time you use it every short rest without expending a psionic die makes it even better. It is the weakest psionic energy, but it’s not bad.

Psi-Powered Leap. (Level 7) A really good feature, and again, the first time you use it every short rest, it’s free. The only thing is that if you end your turn in the air, you fall, but still a really good option.

Telekinetic Thrust. (Level 7) This is a feature that makes the psionic strike even better, at no extra cost. The ability to make a target prone or moved 10 feet with one attack is always welcome.

Rogue – Soulknife

Psi-Bolstered Knack. The best thing about this is that you only expend the die if you succeed. The worst thing is that It only works on ability checks or tool’s you are proficient in. And at level 11 when you get the reliable talent feature, this will be pretty much redundant, but up to level 11 it’s ok.

Psychic Whispers. Thematically great, I really like it. And the use of it can really make for interesting roleplay, and it can be used to finally talk battle strategies in a fight without metagaming. The first time you use it every long rest is also free.

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Homing Strikes. (Level 9) This feature drastically changes the odds of hitting a target with an attack. Almost to the point it’s overpowered. You only use the psionic die if you succeed, which is also a really good bonus for this feature. That means there are no consequences to using it every turn.

Psychic Teleportation. (Level 9) A cool feature that is good. The only thing is that this feature would be amazing for any other class than the rogue, which can dash and disengage as a bonus action. You may teleport yourself longer than your walking speed, but that is a gamble.

The Psionic Warrior Fighter gets 5 good or better psionic energies. I can see myself using all the features every day, and they all help make the fighter a really good warrior.

The Soulknife Rogue only gets 4 psionic energies, where one feature is amazing, and the others are ok. One good thing for the soulknife is that they will most likely not use up their psionic energy dice as much as the psionic warrior will.

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Any thoughts?

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