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Pudding the Fish horse

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Hello there! I wasn't sure if this went on horror stories or not, but believe me, this is fairly tame. It's not one one of those stories where you go "wtf? Get out of that group!" But it's more about my advice as a player.

Where to begin? About maybe 5 years ago when I was still young to dnd, i was introducing my friends to the game and they ended up really liking it as we still play. This story is about not our first, but one of our first campaigns.

Let me set the scene (although it's not very important). My twin, the dm, was running a dragonlance 5e game where the timeline was different than the book to fit different characters he liked in different situations. We all liked the game, but when I leveled up, it struck my fancy to get summon spectral steed ( I was a mage).

Now, here is the issue. The spell states that your steed can look like anything as long as it is horse like. My young brain decided that meant whatever you want. Let's set the scene again. We were in Solace and I decided to summon the most unholy abomination possible.

The dm and I had talked about this for weeks before hand. What the spell states, rights as a player, creative license, how i was burdening him with the horror of what I have created. It was really an argument. He vehemently said no atleast twenty times. Eventually, he caved. He let me have my abomination and I ended up walking happy.

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I summon spectral steed and out of the planes, comes a large purple fish with blue fins and scaly horse legs attached. He looked at my little Syncope the kenku wizard face and uttered with the derpiest voice possible "Mashter! You are my Mashter! Do you haves puddings? I want the puddings. Yum is good!".

My wizard, who above all just wanted to be taken seriously, was aghast at the joke he had conjured. We made it canon that whenever he was summoned, he would beg for pudding and wag his tail in glee. The thing is, my kenku mage kept failing to summon any other steed and it was a running joke.

Let me catch you up. I (out of game) thought this would be literally the most hilarious thing in the history of dnd. I nagged and nagged and nagged until I got what I wanted. It became obvious that the dm was annoyed by this and I think it just made him feel out of control. He thought I was making a joke out of his game.

So, the advice. Don't be like me. Don't nag your dm about what you want out of the game or to make concessions for you. When you start a game, you need to establish what kind of game you will be playing, the general tone and rp level of the game. I ruined the tone of the game by making it about me and nagging the dm. You should start a game with an acknowledgement of how the tone should be to reduce problem players like me. However, Pudding's puckering fishlips will always be in my heart.

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Short: player nags dm to allow ridiculous insult to a spell description until he caves, lessens the tone of a traditional fantasy campaign.

P.s: this was a LONG time ago and I have grown as a player a lot. I have learned more rp skills and even DMed a year long campaign.

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