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Quest for the Holy Sword

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I DM a 5e party in a world that has a big problem with demons, and one of the players suggested to me in private that their next quest be the search for the Holy Avenger. I agreed to that, largely because that player controls a Paladin of Torm that really needs to catch a break, and made sure he'd receive unique information about its last known location ten years ago (although I did leave the possibility open that it'll be a different Holy Sword).

Said location was a battlefield near a forest, where a high-level party's Paladin wielded it against a powerful demon. My plan was that they'd arrive at the nearby village and have several adventures there before realising that one of the village boys is secretly a Celestial who mysteriously appeared on the same day the above battle ended. That Celestial would trust them enough by that point to divulge the current location of the sword for the final leg of this Quest.

I made a grave error however, and don't know how to proceed, which is I'm here seeking your help.

The gist is that the players essentially skipped everything I had in mind (shocking, I know) and found out about the Celestial boy upon arriving, and they even earned his trust, all in one session. This was supposed to be a long Quest spanning several sessions, since it'd be anti-climatic to find this very powerful artifact that can turn the tide against the demons this fast. Plus I need time to plant some seeds for a future story I have in mind for the aforementioned Paladin, but they need to take place in this current Quest.

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Hence my conundrum, how do I create an interesting story that will eventually but not immediately lead them to the Holy Avenger (or its equivalent) that starts with knowing its last location and tying into that Celestial boy that appeared on the same day that sword was last seen? I feel like this can indeed be the start of something good, but I'm currently not seeing anything.

A tidbit that can optionally be used is that a high-level Cleric acquaintance of the players was actually a member of the party that fought that demon 10 years ago. The players don't know that however, and I didn't plan on bringing him in since I established that he detests adventuring now, but if that helps inspire you, feel free to include him.

Your personal ideas would be awesome , but suggesting a published adventure whose backstory can be tweaked would also be cool.

Thank you for reading my post ^ . ^

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