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Question about fighting an ancient dragon

Content of the article: "Question about fighting an ancient dragon"

Hey guys and gals,

I was wondering if I could get your opinions on something.

The homebrew campaign that I'm playing in at the moment has reached a point where we've suddenly found ourselves facing off against an ancient black dragon. The creature has been driven slowly insane and lost control over its human form inside the Waterdeep castle, prompting it to return to its dragon form and burst out of the ceiling. It's currently half in the castle and half out given its size compared to the room which would give us an advantage over it being airborne, but the problem is that our party are all level 9.

So, obviously we're too low level to deal with this threat but I had an idea of how to disable the dragon that I wanted to get some feedback on. My character is a level 9 Drow wizard who has an item created specially by the DM in his possession – a special dagger that can damage dragons and cause bleeding that it can't heal from for one hour. My character has the gaseous form spell and since the dragon is currently half stuck in a building and not airbone yet, I was thinking that I could potentially go into gaseous form, use the rubble and dust from the roof collapsing to get near the dragon, and try to enter it through its nostrils with the intention of getting into its lungs. Once inside (if I make it) my plan is to come out of gaseous form, slash the dragon's lung with the dagger, then stab it into the lung and leave it there as I go back into gaseous form and try to leave. I'm under no false impressions that we can kill the dragon at our level but my hope is that damaging its lung and leaving the dagger embedded within it would make it harder for the dragon to use its breath attacks and bathe the city in acid, perhaps even forcing it to retreat when it feels something is wrong. Considering the size of an ancient dragon and how large their lungs are it feels like the best way of causing it internal damage.

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I know there are a lot of risks involved in this plan (my character has a clone body they can go to if they die) and it's not something I've committed to yet but I'm really interested to hear your ideas on whether this plan is outright stupidity or something that could actually work.

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