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Question about mounted combat with short weapons (5e)

Content of the article: "Question about mounted combat with short weapons (5e)"

I'm new to the hobby, only DMed 2 sessions. The halfling rogue of our group expressed interest in getting a mount. I'm all for it, but I want to make sure it's done without breaking the balance of the party. Particularly in combat situations. Again, I'm pretty new at this, so all tips are highly welcome.

I was thinking to have the party (lvl 2 now) encounter a mastiff which was captured for food by a couple of orcs or whatever. I assume the party will want to rescue it, I'll turn up the cuteness of it if I have to. The player can then try to train the dog as a mount since it will at first just not listen/run from combat/shit the bed.

I've read up a little on mounted combat but it's all about lances, and the player usually attacks with a shortbow or a rapier. I want to make sure that the player doesn't get too much of a benefit from their mount, but I also don't want the mount to be useless.

I was thinking to have the player get the mount for mobility, maybe be able to charge and knock prone creatures up to medium in size. But if they wanted to attack with the rapier maybe I'll have them dismount. Or, more dramatically, jump in the enemy's face and start stabbing. I'm a sucker for an attack with a flourish that's described beautifully.

In my mind I justify this handicap by saying a halfling's short arms will not be able to get to the enemy with a short weapon, but I'm not sure if this is a good method to keep balance. Can anyone here give me some advice?

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Edit: Thanks for the responses! I'll let him get all the normal benefits from the mount once he trains it. Including being able to attack from it with a dagger if he chooses to. For ranged attacks I'll remove the proficiency bonus since it's a whole different cup of tea to shoot from a moving mount than it is to fire standing still. And of course I'll have monsters target the mount once it becomes too much of a threat in the encounter.

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