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Question as a Player and aspiring DM

Background: I have been in a campaign as a group of first time players (who are also long time friends) and first time DM for about a year. We have had one character death in the campaign which was my sorc fire balling himself, my new character has been in the party for about 3 months. My new Character was lawful good paladin as we had a lawful good cleric and a lawful neutral monk. Our last PC is a half orc barbarian who has switched from Chaotic Evil, Lawful Evil, and chaotic Neutral.

In the most recent session we had returned to the capital city which recently had a new king who was in possession of a wish blade. Two of our party members were contacted by satan through an artifact that speaks to deities that we recently acquired. These two party members (the Barbarian and the Monk) made pacts with Satan to otherthrow the king. The barbarian made a second pact to guide people to follow Satan in a crusade.

No other PC's were aware of the pacts. After waking up the next day in the bar we had a person attempt to steal from the bar. The barbarian killed the thief in front of the thief's three year old daughter and his wife. The DM stated that he is now chaotic evil due to this action. The barmaid who previously liked us kicked out the barbarian. The monk and myself (LG pally) stayed, helped clean up and apologized and held a short funeral (using ceremony) for the man who was murdered.

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The party separated went to sleep. During my sleep the DM tells me that my god, Torm, reaches out and tells me to look at the wrists of the barbarian as that will help guide my decisions (the barbarian had marks of satan planted on him after making his pact). The next morning we seek out the barbarian and find he has recruited the entire war district into following satan and trying to overthrow the king. I immediately demanded to see his wrists as that is what my god (and the DM bade me to do). The barbarian calls in 16 guards and orders them to fight me. I challenge the clearly now evil barbarian and he laughs and tells the guards to kill me. I strike the barbarian and the guards kill me in one round. I roll a nat 20 on death save come back up and immediately get knocked again. The PC barbarian cannot decide whether to finish me or not. As the monk watches trying to figure out if they should intervene. Eventually due to lack of decisions and a nat 1 death save I expire.

We ended the session here as it was obvious the DM and party, barring the barbarian, were unhappy with the outcome. I said I wasnt mad but wanted to know if we were going to run an evil campaign I can roll an evil character and not a lawful good paladin. The barbarian says that he is not evil and that this is just serving his own goals and if he does not follow the pact he made with satan he would die.

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As a newish player and aspiring DM, I don't know and neither does our DM whether I should reroll a character as well as the barbarian as the party will likely now view him as hostile and an evil threat due to him murdering another PC. I feel as if the players are split and the campaign feels shattered. Is there anything that a player or DM can do to attempt to salvage the game?

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