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Question. Is it possible to use 2 legendary creatures as a duo in a boss encounter (level 17-20 encounter)

Content of the article: "Question. Is it possible to use 2 legendary creatures as a duo in a boss encounter (level 17-20 encounter)"

Basically, I'm thinking of whipping up a homebrew campaign where endgame boss(es) are a duo of Legendary Creatures, a Lich and a Dracolich that work as a team.

The Lich and Dracolich where best friends in life and both decided to become Liches to continue their dreams of a glorious conquest as well as defeat their enemy Acererak, a fellow lich who they despise for reasons known only to them. They support each other in the boss battle where you have to defeat the duo in a specific order in order survive the encounter and stop their plan of unleashing their massive undead army they have been gathering for centuries to conquer the world that they couldn't do in their lifetime (which is why they became liches) and to hunt down and kill Acererak.

My idea is that you have to defeat the Lich first before focusing on the Dracolich, due to a unique Legendary Action (Cost 3 Actions) called "Legendary Revive Undead" (still working on the name). But basically, it would allow the Lich to revive and restore the Dracolich back to full strength instantly even if it was turned.

It's meant to make the party have to fight strategically in order to not get killed by these undead generals. (Not sure if their are LA types that have a once per encounter condition if so than assume that it's once or twice during this encounter)

The Dracolich's unique Legendary actions would be to a kind of Aura that Empowers Undead and causes disadvantage on saving throws or attacks that undead are vulnerable with a certain range ( low to mid-range is what I'm going for not sure how many feet that would be) from itself. Basically, this is to support and enhance the Lich's magic and help prevent his friend from being killed so the Lich can revive him if need be. (Cost 2 Actions)

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This is the other win condition needed for encounter. You have to keep the Dracolich and Lich separated from each other outside range of the Dracolich's Aura while the Aura is in effect otherwise the Lich is going to have empowered attacks to keep the party at bay while the party has disadvantage on things that normally would work against undead.

Basically the idea is that to make it more challenging for the players to beat the Bosses due to their unique support actions to aid each other during the encounter. Not sure about lair actions though.

This is meant for at least 4-6 party of players of lvl 17-20. I'm not trying to make this impossible to beat but I really want to make this endgame fight memorable and not something the players can steamroll through. I want it to be a genuinely difficult challenge to beat this Legendary Lich Duo.

What are your all's thoughts on this? I'm a novice DM with not a lot of experience (run a few stand alone adventures but I want my first home brew adventure to be challenging and memorable in a way that lets me stretch my storytelling muscles)

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