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[QUESTION] My players killed the prince and I don’t know how to proceed

Content of the article: "[QUESTION] My players killed the prince and I don’t know how to proceed"

I need some help, but I have to provide A LOT context:

My players just finished last session with a combat, they had to rescue 2 important figures from a bandit hideout, one of them was the prince of the kingdom, how was actually working with the bandits (the royal family knew this) and the other one, was a duergar duke, that the bandits kidnapped because they hate dwarves and wanted a ransom. At the end of the combat, one of my players foolishly decided to kill the prince on an act of rage (the prince was a powerful spell caster) "rescuing" the prince was a secondary quest and optional, the idea they had was to finish the other enemies and then knock him out, but in the end they killed him, I did some roll saves, failed the first and natural 1 the second so he died, that's where that session ended.

The party is carrying a demilich because of another sidequest, the demilich is friendly (but is a trickster and is not just full on favor of the party he's just messing around enjoying the ride) and the party is thinking now that next session they want to ask the demilich to revive the prince, it could be plausible for the demilich and he may agree, but I want to know what kind of drawback besides gold can they take?

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Another thing, something the party don't know is that the duergar duke is a priest, and it is on the duergar bests interest to revive the prince and gain the favor of the king, the duergar's goal is to join his kingdom with the actual on an alliance and go to war against dwarven kingdoms (on my world 100 years ago there was a war between regular dwarves and duergar, the war ended on a draw but is close to be reignited), also, the duke is a witness on the party killing the prince and this duke is not going to let this go, he may tell on the party with the king.

How could I play that duke? would the duergar tell the party that he can revive the prince? again besides gold what could be the drawbacks of asking this duergar's help? the party knows already that duergar is no good, he even hates one party member that is a hill dwarf but they are taking him back to the capital to solve another problem so they actually need him alive.

The prince is actually no really a fan of his royal family, he flee the place and join the bandits on his own, the royal family just want to take him back and punish him, the prince may want to find another way to escape, but by that time it should not be the party's business. But the prince way want retaliation with the party for killing him and because he was lovers with the bandit leader.

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