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Quick and easy one-shot, no prep required: Honey Heist!

So although I have my own campaign that I’m DMing, my DM for the campaign that I play in was sick last night, so I offered to run a one-shot for some of the other players. After having learned about it from Critical Role, I ran Grant Howitt’s Honey Heist, a one-page RPG. It went fantastic and my players loved it, even though I’d literally rolled for the plot in front of them when the call started and hadn’t prepped at all!

The premise of Honey Heist is basically a heist movie, except each player is a bear. Players can roll for a descriptor, a bear type, and a role in the heist team, and the BM (Bear Master) can roll for all elements of the heist itself. I rolled that a Lavish Truck Convoy protected by armed guards and a laser grid was carrying truckloads of honey, as well as Miss Universe 2020, except the twist was that she was actually a fake. This evolved into the players being hired by Don Corleoso (Mexican bear Godfather) to hijack the convoy and bring Miss Universe 2020 to him to be his wife, except she actually turned out to be an FBearI agent in drag trying to take down the Don (if you can’t tell, I also had to improvise the puns). The way rolls are determined in-game is also hugely simple – you have exactly two stats, Bear and Criminal, that you can roll for with a simple d6, and you try to roll equal to or under your stat to succeed. Your scores change throughout the game, whether by the player’s choice or by how situations play out.

Honey Heist is actually my new go-to for one-shots, because we all know how late we sometimes learn that players can’t make it, so instead of having to have a fully-prepped one-shot on the backburner, something as loose as HH means you can all open up the single page of rules at the same time and still get a fantastic game out of it. Because the mechanics are so loose, BM-ing it also kind of feels more like playing than running, since you can get more loose with the rules and focus on just telling a fun story (for example, I had Vin Diesun – a sun bear driver – come in and deus ex machina save a player who failed a bad roll, which I probably wouldn’t have done while DMing D&D, but since it worked within the logic of a heist movie I did it then).

I’d strongly recommend running Honey Heist to any DM that either needs a one-shot if not all the players can make it or who just wants a break, because it’s super chill but also super fun. Grant Howitt has a ton of other one-page RPGs as well, and while I haven’t played any others, if they’re anything near the quality of Honey Heist I’m sure they’re amazing.

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