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Quick question about party alignments

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Hey y’all. I’m a very old school D and D player (not to date myself, but my first purchase was the red box D and D Basic set, back in 198mumblemumble).

So, I last ran a campaign in perhaps the very late 90’s, which I believe was AD&D 2e. My friends have been playing for awhile using the new 5e rules. The current DM is having some personal issues and feeing burned out, so when he told me this I offered to take over. I bought the PHB/DMG/MM and have spent a few weeks getting reacquainted, and then building a setting from scratch. I’ve spent maybe 50 hours of my life doing this.

We haven’t managed a session zero so I deputized the last DM (he lives closer, etc) to oversee player character creation. My wife has already rolled a chaotic good druid. They come back to me a week later over text with the following: a neutral evil hobgoblin fighter/rogue, a lawful neutral warlock who has a fiend patron sort of against her will, a lawful evil warlock who revels in her fiend patron, and a true neutral cleric.

Here’s my problem – I have never run a campaign for such a disparate group of motivations. The overall theme of the game is post cataclysm, the gods have disappeared and the world is physically very different, most lore from before is hard to find. Humans have allowed a fascist, tyrannical government to offer them security in place of freedom, and the other races are shunned. Rifts will periodically open and spew monsters and horrors from other dimensions. The overall arc will be to put a stop to that and possibly bring the gods back. I don’t want to be more specific in fear that the other DM may frequent this space.

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So – without railroading or forcing party unity, how do I keep these wildly different PC’s from just charging in ten directions, or the evil players from just backstabbing the good ones for profit? I’m big on letting players fly their freak flags, within reason, so I’m loathe to just force them to change concepts if there’s a decent path to some kind of party unity and an ability to achieve the overall goals. Thanks in advance!!!!!

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