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Quirky, but no Motivation

Content of the article: "Quirky, but no Motivation"

new campaign starting in a few days, hop in Discord

ask players what they're thinking, campaign goals etc.

it's pretty freeform so that's really up to us for the most part

"I'd rather figure that out in-game"

other players say stuff along the same lines

aight, whatever

ask about party composition, what sorta roles we have n all

"Rp's more important than combat, so that doesn't matter"

this is sorta where I start to get worried, but still optimistic

make human fighter, level 3 so banneret or pdk too

party looks at me like I just let one rip

generic race/class and what they say is the worst subclass

just shrug and say I'm only experimenting

rest of party is much more colorful

elf monk, tiefling bard, tabaxi ranger, and dragonborn wiz

mfw only Str-based char

game day comes, GM starts us individually

everybody takes about 45 mins, so it's a bit after 2 hours in before I go

don't see why this took so long, my guy just gets chased to some cave in the woods by a "cloaked figure"

DM only narrated this btw, would have kicked his ass if not

rest of the party comes in here, but still seperate, characters all around the edges of the clearing in shadow

all stay hidden for now and "see what happens"

one even sneaks away somewhere

basically no one does anything until my big guy pipes up

my fighter storms out into middle of the clearing

call for everyone to come out and stop being a pansy, and all do except for sneaky guy

this is met with a sort of "uh okay lol" response, apparently other PCs haven't been so forward

basically get everyone to talk about what happened to them and how we ended up here

start figuring out the plot for starters, my guy gets some torches together for everyone

my guy is about to have us all march in and find out what the deal with this cave is before session ends

I'm really surprised that was it, but whatever, through the grueling character intros at least and can finally act as a party

why can't 'man with a plan' be a popular archetype

Well, after 2 hours of intro and having to sit on my hands, seeing the players sit on their hands while in character I just couldn't stand for. Please, people, just take some agency with your characters. Your DM and party will appreciate it. Why is this such a common thing anyway?

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