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Race of the 8 Winds Mini-Game: needs balancing?

Content of the article: "Race of the 8 Winds Mini-Game: needs balancing?"

In my Eberron campaign my players got roped into rigging the Race of the 8 Winds to absolve a players debt with the Boromar Clan. To give my players a more involved feeling in the results of the race, beyond their scheme to drug last years winning team in hopes they don't win again, I've decided to make a Mini-Game for them to play. The race track map is short and not too complex, just some geometric obstacles on a 30×30 grid because I'm not artsy enough, and each player will Roll Initiative (d20) and on their turns they can take a Move and an Action, and each Racer has a Special Action they can use once per lap.


Dash: x2 Movement Modifier

Attack: A racer in an adjacent square is moved in a straight line 1d6+1 squares

Dodge: All movement caused by an Attack is halved until your next turn

Racers: Mv = Movement SP = Special Action

Pegagsus: 1d4+5 Mv, SP: +d4 mv when you take the Dodge action

Glidewing: 1d4+ 5 Mv, SP: +d4 mv when you take the Attack action

Gargoyle: 1d6+4 Mv, SP: May target 2 creatures with an Attack Action

Griffon: 1d6+4 Mv, SP: May re-roll an Attack and use either result

Hippogriff: 1d6+4 Mv, SP: May re-roll a Move and use either result

Giant Eagle: 2d4+3 Mv, SP: -2 Movement to all other Racers within 10 squares until the start of your next turn

Giant Owl: 2d4+3 Mv, SP: Take no forced movement from attacks until the start of your next turn

Giant Hawk: 2d4+3 Mv, SP: +d4 mv when you take the Dash action

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Due to Quest reasons the Pegasus, last years champ, and Glidewing, sponsored by the Boromars, will be run by Me and I'll encourage, but not require, one of them to play the Giant Owl because that's the Party's Hometeam. Whoever's left over (only a 4-5 player party) will just be in Auto-Last.

As a first time DM less than a year into their homebrew'd campaign, just wondering if this sounds balanced from a DMs perspective and fun from a Players? Also, should I let the players read the Special Actions before or after they choose their Racer?

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read all this!

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