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Ran my first one-shot and was a chaotic as I expected

Content of the article: "Ran my first one-shot and was a chaotic as I expected"

spoilers for "a wild sheep chase" below

be me, going to run "a wild sheep chase" for a group of friend on roll20, first time dming, luckly they have experience and are nice bros.

they are nice… but embrace the chaotic energy as a way of living, I was expecting the unexpected

they play as the ninja turtles and splinter: way of the astral self for Leo, his stand was called "Mona Lisa", Ralph was a monk2/barb2/rogue1, donny a battle Smith artificer with a mecha splinter as a partner, Mickey a way of the open hand 3/bard2 and splinter as a ratfolk way of the mercy monk

although they are the TMNT at core, they definitely don't act like them, this is more a joke party. Leo only speaks Japanese, splinter is the joke of all martial arts movies master, mecha splinter from donny, etc

they kicked the shit out of the first encounter, like it wasn't even a fight, rolled like shit and they got 3 nat 20, managed to take two of the turtles to half health

they go to the second encounter without making a short rest, I tell to myself that they are gonna regret it

find treehouse of the BBEG, a wizard with really good spells and a wand of true polymorph who is surrounded with animals who protect him

the problem is…. they ignore the animals, and all use their monk powers to rush into the wizard, push him 30ft into the ground and kick the living shit out of him , there is not much the animals can do while he is proned and stuned.

had to skip the bed/dragon fight since the wizard never got a chance tu even move, so he transformed directly into an abomination with his wand of true polymorph

although the abomination managed to hit one time and blind other two, he is beaten to a pulp at the hands of Mona Lisa

a wizard elf transformed to sheep by the BBEG runs to grab the wand so he can try to revert himself to his original form… but the turtles grab him before he can do anything, kill him and proceed to cook his body

shredder and the ninjas from the foot clan appear to steal the wand… and they do it with out encounter any resistance since our "heroes" are too busy eating the guy they were going to help

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