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Ranger crashes family dinner with a molotov

Content of the article: "Ranger crashes family dinner with a molotov"

Last session, my players we're on a mission to drug the mayor of a town.
To do so, they had an extremely intoxicating mushroom, which they planned to drop into the mayor's soup whilst it was being made.

The ranger, using disguise self, infiltrated the mayor's estate as a chef, then successfully dropped the mushroom in. Mission accomplished.
But then they noticed the size of soup cauldron, surely the mayor doesn't have 30 gallons of soup alone.

Upon investigating, the ranger found that the mayors family was coming over to dinner. He knew then that if he left it at that, he'd have a few deaths on his hands, as the mushroom was toxic enough to leave even the strongest constitutions bedridden for days. The children and elderly of that dinner surely wouldn't survive. He then set out to rectify this mistake.

Somehow he had to get the mayor to drink the soup, but not anyone else in the family. Already in his head was the most bizarre plan hatching and developing.

He made his way into the mayor's dining room, and through a high investigation roll found that he could hide in a space above the ceiling, but below the ground of the floor above. He hid there for hours, then eventually the mayor and his family gathered around the dinner table, ready to dig in to the poisoned soup.

Suddenly BAM

The mayor's overweight best friend (and the players mortal enemy) bursts from the ceiling 10 ft above him. The friend, despite being overweight, gracefully lands on the table with a lit molotov in hand.
Everyone in their seats suddenly rose in shock.
Mayor: "Best Friend? What are you doing here?"
Ranger (disguised self as best friend): "THAT DOESN'T MATTER! HERE, HAVE YOUR SOUP!"
The Ranger then succeeded the contested strength check and began to force feed the mayor his own soup.
After the mayor finished every last drop of his soup. The ranger turned around and proceeded to molotov the dinner table. Everyone ran for their lives and the mayors guards came running in from the screaming of the family.
The mayor simply looked at his best friend, dumbfounded.
He nodded towards the mayor and dived out of the second story window.
Then the mushroom kicked in and the mayor slumped onto the floor of his dining room.

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The End.

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