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Rat Panic! At the Aqueduct A D&D 5e one shot for 4-5 lvl 3 players IT’S RATTASTIC!!!

Content of the article: "Rat Panic! At the Aqueduct A D&D 5e one shot for 4-5 lvl 3 players IT’S RATTASTIC!!!"

Hi yall! I'm Micah and its my absolute joy to tell you all about my first ever D&D One Shot Adventure! Last month I took a writing course for creating ttrpg content for beginners. They ran us through literally the whole process! Organizing, planning, outlining, encounter building, npc/villain writing, drafting, editing, layout, and finding/licensing artwork! I put everything together myself using Photoshop, In-Design and Dungeondraft.

It was a LOT of work but I was able to finish in 40 days and self published the piece on DMs Guild! A week later the bundles for the RPG Writers Workshop went up as well and there ended up being a lot of cool projects! 5 freaken bundles worth!

As a kid I dreamed about making games while I doodled away in math class. Looks like I'm making that dream a reality! Take that Mr Jefferson! (you were an ok math teacher tho <3)

Links <3

Rat Panic! At the Aqueduct (You can find a great preview of the adventure's first chapter on this store page! Just click on "full-size preview" under the cover image)

RPG Writers Workshop Bundle #5

RPG Writers Workshop Website

To Adventure!

You and your party are a group of adventurers for hire in the city of Reclaim: an archaeological city built upon the massive stone ruins of a dead civilization. You typically spend your days escorting archaeologists to dig sites, exploring newly discovered tombs, and occasionally hunting a nasty beast to protect the city.
However, the days drag on as your adventuring party awaits a new job posting at the local tavern. It's been three weeks without even so much as a monster hunt… With your tab running high and your purses running low, things look pretty dire. Suddenly, a rat the size of a dog with a rucksack and leather belts leaps from the kitchen and scurries to the cellar! Helga, the tavern owner, rushes out, knife in hand, and graciously implores you to seek out this thieving rat or you’ll be asked to settle your tab here and now! And so with hearts ready for lofty adventure, your party heads down to the tavern cellar to scope out the situation.

I'm really proud of this cover! I lucked out finding the artwork on the DMs Guild website, it along with the font really sells the cool water&stone atmosphere with my own goofy writing sensibilities.

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Map Preview!

As an added bonus preview for reddit here is one of the maps I made for the adventure, the rickety ratkin bridge! Poised over a 600ft drop! Oh my! Ratkin crossbow mercenaries are posted on high up towers on the bridge, a crazed ratkin alchemist chugs an invisibility potion and waits for an opportunity to shoot poison darts, and the dastardly ratkin mercenary leader jumps headlong into the fray with great axe in hand! Can you defeat them without falling to your dooooooom?!

The Rickety Ratkin Bridge. It connects two important rooms in the adventure and spans the Central Flow Corridor. A large cylindrical chamber that moves clean water between various aqueducts and cisterns on various levels of the ruin. I used Dungeondraft to make this amazing map!

Reviewers n bloggers take heed!

If you review rpg content, whether that be on a blog or as an affiliate to a larger website please DM me! I want to send out more promotional copies to reviewers and commentators ^_^

Thank you

If any of you end up getting my One shot thank you so much! I hope you enjoy it. And if you do get an opportunity to play it with people, it would mean the world for you and your players to give me a review to tell me what you think and how I could improve <3

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