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Reconciling D&D and Anxiety

Content of the article: "Reconciling D&D and Anxiety"

Hey, kids! Hope you're all doing well!

So, I wanted to make this thread to discuss my situation, and to perhaps get a little insight or advice from any of you who have experience, either personal or second-hand, about this sort of thing.

So, I'm a longtime player of TTRPGs in general, with a couple of 5e campaigns under my belt – I enjoy the mechanics of 5e, on the whole, but the major draw of TTRPGs for me has been the character interactions and lore – essentially, the RP elements of the game, rather than the more wargame-style aspect. This means I have a tendency to, when I make a character, immediately start fleshing out in my head ideas for what they're like, how they act, and so on. Essentially, I'm a sucker for in-character things.

Now, the part that causes complications for me is – I have an anxiety disorder, and potential-ADHD that's in the process of getting diagnosed. The latter doesn't intersect with the game in the manner you'd think – instead, it means I tend to hyperfixate on my interests; in this case, it means I tend to get *really* into ideas for character motivation, backstory, potential future interactions – even down to inconsequential aesthetic/visual elements of my characters and their equipment, or how their spellcasting looks, and so on. It also means I'm pretty much always up for talking about a game, or character stuff, and so on.

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Now, comes the anxiety – I always want to talk about this stuff, but there's something in my mind telling me that people don't want to hear this, or that I'm boring them, or that they won't want to talk to me. (And, I mean – that would be entirely reasonable – the issue isn't necessarily that reaction, it's my perpetual worry about *inducing* that reaction, if that makes sense?)
Trouble is, I've just started a new game, in which I've already fallen head-over-heels in love with my character, metaphorically-speaking – and I keep wanting to talk about game and character things with people, and – you've guessed it – I'm scared to! Even despite the fact that the other players are all genuinely lovely, and that the GM is a very dear and close friend of mine, I always worry about coming on too strong, or being "too much", or about getting "too into it"?

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I guess my question for all y'all is: Players, is this an issue you've experienced before? GMs, is this something your players have talked to you about, or perhaps a way you've felt about your GMing? And if the answer to any of those is "yes", how did you go about navigating that? Were there any solutions that you found particularly effective?

I really don't want to be bugging anyone, of course – games should be fun for all participants, and the last thing I'd want is to annoy anyone, or God forbid, cause someone to burn out on the game because of me!

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