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Regarding Martial vs Spellcasters that comes up lately, I feel like *ALL* classes should be able to use magic in later editions

TLDR below

Hear me out on this one, an explination with examples will be below. The discussions of "Martial classes suck compared to Spellcasters" and the likes have come up a lot. With the most common reason being Martials lack options, versitility and flavour compared to Casters, mainly out of combat.

And that's largely true to an extend. Each spell is basically the same as a subclass feature or even better. So comparing a Martial to a Caster is basically comparing 5 feats to 30 feats. Those 30 feats might be as strong as the 5 Martial feats, but the amount of choice and flavour it provides is uncontested.

Give any Martial class Spellcasting, or even just 1 spell, and they become way more fun to play. And that's why I think the next editions should give ALL classes spells as an option. Emphasis on option so people who don't spells can play without them.

Here a few examples why Spellcasting not being universal kinda sucks:

It limits flavour: If you want to go full anime Samurai Fighter, you would love to use some classic over-the-top abilities. Spells like Steel Wind Strike and Conjure Volley would most likely fit your flavour. But for that specific flavour you need to invest 9 levels of Wizard or 17 levels of Ranger just to get that 1 spell, on top of your normal Samurai levels.

It doesn't make sense from D&D-world perspective: Every soldier, assassin, nobel and even the -8 Int Barbarian would see the benefit of using magic. When in the world you live in the strongest people and monsters alike use magic, why would you ignore using it. The guards that took Martial training for the king would all see the uses of magic, even it is to only cast Misty Step as your single spell.

It grants more overall options, making the games less stale: When every class has access to a small amount of magic, they all get some additional options. Everyone who has played a Warlock and used their Invocations broadly knows what I'm talking about: You can do interesting stuff outside of combat and have more options in combat other than "Attack".

WotC did a good job at creating and balancing 5e, bar a few RAW stuff. If they can close the distance between Martials and Casters in next editions, that would make for a great upgrade. They don't even need to word them as "Spells", designing them as "Magical Feats" that are similar to the Warlocks Invocations would be a great step already.

TLDR: Martials lack the choices, flavour and freedom the Casters have without magic. Giving ALL classes in the next editions access to spells or "Magical Feats" similar to the Warlocks Invocations, would greatly improve their experience.

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