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Reimagined – D&D 5E Pen & Paper Character Sheet

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Howdy everyone!

So I have been involved with the digital character sheet scene for a while now (2.5 years) but there is something about pen and paper which you can never replace. With that in mind, I decided to take on the challenge to redesign/reimagine what it means to be a "pen and paper" dungeons and dragons fifth edition character sheet.

Some of the goals that I attempted to accomplish are as follows:

  1. Cover items that aren't currently on the paper character sheet (example : exhaustion)
  2. Reorganize the information and group items that are related (three groups : Adventuring, Role-playing, Combat)
  3. In modern character sheet design, pen and paper has been a mostly "static" event. People devise a one-size-fit-all-character type of solution and if you need more space, just print off a whole other page. Either something has too much space for something that doesn't even get used or something has too little space for what needs to be there. So what I tried to accomplish is to provide a more "customized" solution. Everyone will still have the first sheet, which has your most critical characteristics. But then, any page after that, you can build with the appropriate panels as your character grows and levels. Are you going to multiclass into a caster? Add a caster panel. Want to take a couple notes about some relationships your character has? Add a relationship panel. Have you been able to find a character image that you want to include? Add a character image/backstory panel.
  4. Create some assistance for new players. You'll see that there are two "covers" with basic questions a player may ask themself while playing for the first time. Using that sheet, they can find the relevant question and it points to where to look on the sheet. While I don't think that this would be used continuously, I do think it would help in the first couple of sessions.
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Any feedback would be appreciated. Some questions that I have:

  1. What do you like? What don't you like?
  2. What would you like the standard/official character sheet to do that it currently doesn't?
  3. Do you use the official/standard character sheet or have you found a different paper sheet that better suites your needs? What makes it better?
  4. What kind of other panels do you think I should include?

You can see a couple examples of what the sheet looks like below:

primary character sheet

new player character sheet question cover

You can find all the sheet pdfs in the following shared google drive:


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