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Religious Werewolves and Imperialists Vampires fighting demons in a Diablo-esque dungeon

If the word "Erä" means anything to you, don't continue reading. I mean, I know which of you guys use reddit, and especifically browse this subreddit. C'mon. Don't spoil yourself.


A friend's birthday is coming up next week, so I thought it would be a good idea to play a oneshot between our besties in order to celebrate. Everyone seems pretty on board, so I started brainstorming some ideas, levels, types of oneshots, and etc.

Then, as it was a signal send by a higher power, "Devil Trigger" from the DMC 5 OST started to sound. So, I thought: "hey, killing some demons is an activity that you can just kick back, relax, and bring some holy justice upon the heads of heretics". Then, Powerwolf came in. The obvious next phrase was: "religious werewolves". "Armata Strigoi", from the same band, gave me the idea of imperialists vampires.

Then, I thought that killing fiends in a dungeon similar to those of the Diablo franchise would be pretty cool. And, you know, ties pretty well with all the "Hell and damnation" things.

Tying all together, I came up with that bizarre title, and the idea that the characters needs to push through a cultists and demon infected dungeon, in order to stop an abyssal gate or a planar rift, and then, need to fend off a final wave of fiendish forces.

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And I came here looking for some help of how to build this beatifully bizarre and edgy adventure. It is right up the alley of my friend's tastes, so I have that cover.

I'm thinking of putting them in the 9th-11th level tier, depending on which monsters I want to throw them at their face. And there would be probably 5-6 players. I handled up to 8 for an adventure, so that's no problem.

Now, for the questions:

As the werewolves and vampires and rebel skeletons (yes, there are rebel skeletons fighting the tyranny of the dark fey empires) are the good guys, I also need some races to cover that up. Maybe the new Gothic Lineages UA for vampires and skeletons, and the shifter for werewolves?

Which fiends would be a good fit for this type of dungeon? Think maybe the classical Tristram Cathedral for a general feel.

Do you think putting them through a dungeon and then having to "defend the castle", as they need to disrupt the ongoing ritual while fightning a final horde of hellish forces is a bit too much, or is it doable? And do you have some interesting ideas for filling the dungeon with some cool traps or something like that? I don't have a ton of experience with dungeons, and just having them go from one room to the other, just killing whatever is there, doesn't seem much fun.

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Thanks so much for reading! I would probably later expand on this and maybe it will become a fully fleshed setting, dunno (I know myself. I will become a fully fleshed setting), that I will post here or in r/DnDBehindTheScreen.


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