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Remember the non-attack combat actions

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I recently started being in more games as a player, and in doing so, paying much more attention to what exactly you can do in combat. The more I did this, the more I realized just how many interesting combats I had missed out on dming. So for that reason I will be going over the actions in combat that you can take as well as some creative ways to use them. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration for both running and playing combat.

grappling is a fairly straightforward move. You make an athletics check against a target you can reach and the target makes an athletics or acrobatics check and if you roll higher than them they become grappled until you let go or they escape with another check. It is not an underrated move and I think it gets enough attention for what it does. It isn't bad, but it only really does one thing, however the fact that you can use it in place of one attack roll means you can attack a creature and grapple it on the same turn if you have the extra attack feature.

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shoving a creature is similar to grappling, except on a failed check the target is pushed away by 5 feet or knocked prone. Like the grapple, shoving replaces only one of your attacks,meaning you can do it twice. Creatures only trigger opportunity attacks when they use their own movement, meaning that if you are a tank player, you can use the shove to push a willing creature out of danger, partially disengaging them on your turn.

disarming is possible with any weapon attack. You make the attack as normal, however instead of dealing damage, the target makes an athletics or acrobatics check against your attack roll to keep ahold of one item of your choice that it is holding. If the target fails, the item is dropped at its feet. The target also has advantage on the check if it is holding it with two hands. Do this. If you are a martial class, you can turn the tables in combat so well. Disable casters and cripple warriors. If you are using the variant object interactions rules, picking up the dropped item will trigger an opportunity attack as well. This move needs more attention. Please give this move more attention.

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readying an action does not have to mean an attack. You can ready any action, meaning you can royally screw over an opponent's turn with any of the effects listed above, as well as any spells you can cast. Getting creative with using actions to interrupt a turn will serve you well.

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