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RePost Name my Kobold Barbarian/Rogue.

Content of the article: "RePost Name my Kobold Barbarian/Rogue."

This is my first time being a player and I already had such a hard time deciding on what race and classes I liked most or wanted to try so I'm here asking this subreddit for suggestions for names for my awesome new/ first character. nothing too silly though.

A little backstory,

He has always known a life of being orphaned. When he first hatched his sister was there taking care of him. He and his siblings scraped in the wild for a few months until they came upon a town. Here is where they lived on the streets for a year stealing food and any sort of trinkets they could find. Until finally my Kobold decided he would hatch a scheme will his brother and sister to steal a huge block of cheese for the local tavern. He was not successful, luckily the bar owner(An older single Tiefling male) took him and his siblings in as his own. We were put to work doing anything from bringing drinks to tables or scrubbing tables and sweeping. Sticking to our inner nature we still had an itch to steal which we did on occasion and our father would disapprove. Seeing that we couldn't help ourselves, he took any stolen money and put it toward a fund to put me through school. He loved school, he learned a lot, and has always been an inquisitive type, school just drastically emphasized his enthusiasm for learning. He really took to magic objects and artifacts and anything arcane in nature, he says he's really smart and did great in school. Truthfully he never mastered spell casting, he just couldn't get the knack for it. He does know a lot about magic, however, if his intelligence is insulted he goes into a rage this is a huge button you don't wanna push with him. Sometimes he'll straight up kill ya or just get into a screaming fit. After completion of schooling, he worked in his father's tavern for a month until a surge of adventurous spirit motivated him to explore more of the world and seek out magical items to study and to keep for himself.

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storywise I plan on choosing the path of the wild soul, essentially finally giving him magic he was trying to learn to use all along. Instead, his magical abilities come from his rages. :^)

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