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Respectfully killing off PC’s of players who left the party?

Content of the article: "Respectfully killing off PC’s of players who left the party?"

tl;dr When a player leaves the group permanently, how do you take their PC out of the story in a way that is respectful and doesn't feel out of character?

Howdy r/DMAcademy Hivemind! Your aid is needed once more… The group I've been dm'ing for (5 people) went through some… restructuring lately. Here's the context:

Long story short, some inappropriate behaviors by 2 players were not dealt with when they should have (both by me and the group as a whole). We finally did, drama ensued, and the two inappropriate players left, both the game and our friends group. All in all, not a pleasant experience, 1/10. But I am learning a lot from this as a new-ish DM.

One problem I'm struggling with is this: The others want to keep playing, but the characters of those who left are part of the party's plans for the immediate future. What do I do with the PC's of those who left? I don't want to keep them around as reoccurring NPC's, since that would be uncomfortable for all of us. And they can't suddenly decide to return to their home towns or whatever, that seems like a cop-out.

How would you send off these characters in a way that maybe still serves the overall story, while it does not feel like I'm taking revenge on the humans by meaninglessly killing their characters (even if they will never know, they were my friends before this)?

(I'd be glad to give relevant info about the story to anyone who asks, I just tried to keep this as short as possible)

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Edit: The 5 characters shared the same dream about an impending threat, from which each one has personal stuff at stake. They are in the process of figuring out how to stop it, and have encountered the Big Bad's lieutenants already. They have now allied themselves with an almost extinct monastic order which was around the last time the BB was on the loose. It just seems unlikely the 2 pc's would walk away at this point.

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