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Return To Monkey

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Be me, Homebrew KirbySpawn Wildmagic Warlock

Be not me, Saiyan Monk, Human Phoenixmancer, Yuan-Ti Warlock and Genasi Eye Mage

We were sent to the future, where the BBEG has won and the only way to go back was to travel to this sanctuary, currently located about 600 ft away from us.

Queue BBEG who found out our plans and is now chasing us. He's much stronger now, and last time we fought him in he weaker form he managed almost one-shot my character.

Yuan-Ti nopes out and uses Orb of recalling to teleport back home still in current timeline.

BBEG pops in and attacks us, 25 and 21 to hit

35 damage, half the Monk's health is gone.

he walks over to me, a much squishier fluff ball, who he hates the most.

oh shit.mp3

With no means to run away, I inhale him out of panic.

Party continues to run away, monk stays back to hold my mouth shut and prevent him from escaping. A suicide mission for both of us.

BBEG frantically tries to escape, but fails. With the extra 2 rounds rest of party manages to reach the gate due to movement spells.

3rd Try BBEG escapes, ready to kill us both.

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Monk picks me up and uses his 70+ flying speed to escape but it doesn't matter, the BBEG far steps right next to us.

Monk remembers she has Ox ear headband, which turns user into an ox. We device a plan, monk throws me into the air as high as she can and and hopes not to die before I reach the ground.

Mid air I cast Polymorph to make myself a Giant Ape and try to land on the BBEG.


RKO out of nowehere.mp4

I land on him and immediately try to pin him.

nat 1

however because of Wildmagic Warlock feature, I turn it into a nat 20.

Monk puts Ox headbands on it, and we watch him slowly transform into an ox in my hands.

We continue to run away while he tries to figure out how to turn back, and eventually we all make it.

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