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Rewrite entire plot because players refuse giant glaring plot hook?

Content of the article: "Rewrite entire plot because players refuse giant glaring plot hook?"

I'm going to try and leave some major details out because I know some of my players browse DnD subreddits. Looking for advice on how to approach a situation.

So, this has been a bit of a mini-campaign that has lasted just a little under a year. Campaign revolves around mortals creating gods, and gods creating more gods. The players are quickly approaching the end of the campaign, which I can tell that they're excited for. There's just a bit of a major issue.

They have been actively avoiding a giant plot hook for over a month now. It's to the point that they're literally joking about how they're ignoring it because I've had to shoehorn it in multiple different ways to try and get them to bite. Here's the problem and what they don't know – the final boss battle is literally impossible to beat without this hook. This is more than a "go kill monster" plot hook. This is central to the actual story, and while there are multiple ways to complete the hook, it still needs to get done. We're talking about 20 pages worth of story here.

Since roughly halfway through the campaign, they've known exactly where the BBEG is. She wasn't hiding in the least, she has literally taken over a continent. Problem is that the players have gotten a bit of a God Complex since the spellcasters hit a higher level. They think that now they're a higher level, they can just waltz up to the Big Bad and take her on. So since they hit level 15/16, they're making a B-line to her and actively ignoring nearly everything along the way unless it's guaranteed EXP farming.

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But here's the thing – even if they do beat her (highly unlikely without the divine buffs that the plot hook provides), she's immortal. She'll come back in 1d4 hours. They can't even get a long rest by the time she comes back stronger and at full health. She is a literal god. And not a "I'm so powerful that people worship me as a god." No, actually, truly immortal with powers to reshape the planet that she actively uses.

Here's the deal. I know that DnD is a collaborative narrative, and that there are plenty of horror stories around where the PC's were just pawns in a DM's story. But at the end of the day, there is a story. They're just choosing to not follow it. Which is fine and all, but I don't see why I should have to redo dozens of hours of work because they think it's a joke to ignore the literal plot of the story.

Am I just being salty? Should I rewrite the final boss fight (and subsequent pages of lore) to accommodate their actions? If I do this, a massive amount of buildup will come down to a simple "Us vs. Her" that will result in more plot holes than I can realistically prepare for.

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