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ring of spell storing in Adventure League

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I'm trying to figure how could I use this object.

my first thought was that the most obvious use was to load it with spells not accessible to my class (bard) for more utilities: something usefull but situational like misty steps, rope trick, revivify, a mass/huge cure wounds

I asked the dm what the AL rules were to load it:

  1. if I could fill in the adventure (maybe at the end of the adventure or just before an LR), asking another caster to use an unused slot. I was told I can't cos we should both use a downtime point.

It sound to me weird cos magical item exchange works that on the same table you can change without using DT, but ok, go on.

2) i asked if i could charge it with my spell just before a LR or at the end of an adventure to have 2 free spell in the next. i was told i cant, cos i have to spend 1 DT point to cast spell

3) i asked if i could fill it by buying a spell service from an npc (using DT and gp), and where i could find a pricing table. I was told that the spell service table does not mention all spells and therefore I would have to buy a scroll to do it; But Scroll price are absurdly high, as it should be, so:

if I can't load it by an ally and I have to buy a scroll to fill it during the downtime using DT point and money, why shouldn't I just walk around with the scrolls? what the point of use a a precious magical item slot on this ring?

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DM was almost completely right, like often happens:

source ALPG 9.0

Downtime: Spellcasting Services.

You can spend a downtime day to have an NPC cast a spell for you.

Alternatively, you can use this downtime activity to

cast a spell yourself or benefit from a spell cast by

another character that is at the same table as you

without the need for resources such as spell slots, etc.

The DM alone has ultimate discretion on whether use

of downtime is feasible during the session (i.e., there

are multiple days of inactivity that make it an option).

source ALDMG 9.1

Spellcasting Services:

During a session, characters can receive spellcasting services from an NPC located anywhere that is townsized or larger but must be able to travel there. Otherwise, they’re available only between sessions.

Spellcasting services provided by NPCs are limited to the spells on this list. However, characters can purchase spell scrolls which NPCs can cast for free, but only to benefit the character who purchased the scroll.

Cure wounds 10 gp Identify 20 gp Lesser restoration 40 gp Prayer of healing 40 gp Dispel magic 90 gp Remove curse 90 gp Speak with dead 90 gp Divination 210 gp Greater Restoration 450 gp Raise dead* 1,000 gp Resurrection* 3,000 gp True resurrection* 30,000 gp

so i can pay an npc to cast these spell on my ring during adventure wthout downtime day (according to DM discrection abut the possibility of find this type of nps caster), or using a downtime day between session.

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other spell are avaible only buying a scroll.

he was just wrong on that only me have to spend the downtime day not both (me and the allied caster)

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