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I think i posted this in the wrong subreddit so now i post it here. Hope you fellow DM's can help me.

I need your minds/help with making an awesome session for my players. I will always try to tell my story/adventure so my players can visualize what i have in mind and suck them into the story. But with this session i could use your help to bring things to live.

Currently they are in a tomb of an evil Orc chieftain. It's rumored that he lies in this tomb with a ring that will unlock portals to different treasure hoards. It's one sick dungeon where they have been tested several times mentally. Our chaotic tiefling warlock with a low wisdom drank some black liquid that gave her the blessing of that orc. It gave her some extra powers but also the rage ability that makes her attack the nearest target if she fails a wisdom save in combat. Because she felt pretty good after drinking it she decided to do something stupid in another room (was good roleplaying). She thought she needed to show her loyalty to the orc to open a special door in the dungeon by drowning herself in a bath filled with black liquid. There was a painting above the bath that showed orcs drowning and being revived stronger. This time she got more special powers but also some negative effects. Earlier in the dungeon they found a painting where they saw the orc kneeling for a demon. Now this demon is in her head like the devil on her shoulder and telling her kinds of bad things. She also has disadvantage on wisdom rolls so she goed beserk a lot more and is unwilling a treat to the party.

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We have the following party: All lvl7

  • Normal warlock

  • Grave cleric

  • Wild magic sorcerer

  • Hexblade warlock

  • Zealot barbarian

  • Way of the sun soul monk

  • Ranged fighter

Our cleric is a grave cleric follower of kelemvor and is currently losing his shit in this dungeon. She is 100% into the game and great at roleplaying. She wants to help our warlock get rid of the demon in her mind but is kinda low on spells, and they are locked in a dungeon that needs to be cleared within a few hours or they are all poisoned. So they can't take a rest to replace spells. She isn't level10 yet but wants to do something like devine intervention.

Now comes the part were i need your minds/help. I would like to allow her to do some ritual with the help of the party to connect with her god Kelemvor. My idea was that they make a circle and can infuse the ritual with something personal if the others players want (that can have an effect later in the ritual). Then the walls begin to move and it looks like the fly forward at an incredible speed and the walls slowly change from walls of the dungeon into walls of an city alley. They have entered the city of judgement in the gray wastes (realm of the death god > Kelemvor. Maybe they need to walk around in the city and some things they used to infuse the ritual with can show them why to the crystal spire where they find Kelemvor and explain the situation. I have an idea that Kelemvor can identify the demon and teleport them to the place where this demon lurks in the darkness and confront him <insert combat>. When they defeat the demon the will break the link between the demon and the warlock. In exchange Kelemvor will grant her some holy power while being within 30ft or so from the cleric that wants to help her very badly.

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The warlock has pact of the tome and a link with the old great one. I thought of giving her the ability to take 1 or 2 lvl.1 cleric spells instead of 3 cantrips from any class when they are close together and instead of a dark eldrich blast is a beam of holy skulls or something. And instead of hellish resistance she will have radiant resistance or something. Just small things that will show the bond the cleric and warlock have.

Can you guys & girls give me feedback on the idea, improve my idea, help with good rewards, know what demon i can use against them (can be a hard fight > they are a very strong lvl7 party), have tips what to do with the other players. I'm a DM that is very open to homebrew aslong as my players have fun. And that is why i need help so i can help them visualize what i have in my mind (how can i make this story come to live). It's ok if this sidequest takes up a whole session

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