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Rogue killed Glasstaff in Prison while disguised and there were witnesses

Content of the article: "Rogue killed Glasstaff in Prison while disguised and there were witnesses"

First off, I'd like to say that I've been a long time lurker and have learned a lot from the community here. I am definitely a new DM and would like some input on how you all would handle this situation.

I am currently running LMOP and have been having tons of fun with it. All of my PCs are new players and have been following the module pretty well and I've been able to improvise appropriately with no problems so far. My players have been doing a good job playing to their character's motives which definitely helps with me being a new DM and all. So anyway, I'll get to the point.

Since we've started LMOP, my rogue player has been pretty much the MurderHobo of the group. If he can't figure something out or solve something peacefully, he'll straight up try and attack anything and everything. (We've talked about how there are other avenues to solve problems other than killing everything outright and he's learning… we all are haha). They've recently captured Glasstaff and decided to take him prisoner, which through me off a bit because it was the Rogue player that wanted to capture him instead of killing him. After capturing him, the Rogue player had a change of heart in the next session and wants to kill Glasstaff while he's in prison.

The Rogue player repeatedly tried to break into prison 3 times and failed all those times. He finally came up with a plan where he would buy a dress from Barthen's Provisions, wait till nightfall, disguise himself as a little girl (because he's a halfling rogue) pretend that he needed help from a Redbrand harming some innocent people to have easy access to the prison. His inspiration was from FF7, so I let him run with it because it was pretty interesting to see it play out.

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He rolled well breaking into the prison where the prisoners were Glasstaff himself and a couple of other captured Redbrands. Glasstaff had his own cell and the redbrands were seperated from each other. We RP where the redbrands were whistling and harassing the girl but the Rogue PC ignored it and only wanted to access Glasstaff. He picked the lock beautifully, Glasstaff was waking up to the intrusion thinking it was the Black Spider's people rescuing him, only to find a cold dagger up his coratid artery mid sentence of thanking his "mysterious savior".

Rogue spits on the body and rips off the dress off his body showing his normal attire underneath. Both redbrands have witnessed everything as the Rogue left.

Since then, they've left town in a hurry to find Gundren Rockseeker, the other PC's have no knowledge of the murder. (Side note, one of the other PC's witnessed a little girl going towards the Townmasters Hall where the prisoners were being held.)

Now my question for some advice, how would the town react to the murder of the Redbrand leader and how would Sildar deal with this since he has already arranged for Glasstaff to be picked up for trial. I've set it up to where the town appreciates the PCs and like them a lot for killing a lot of the redbrands, but Sildar and the Townmaster need to uphold the law somehow. Should I hold a trial for the PC?

Also, the Rogue and Cleric went on a the quest to kill the Orcs and Ogre at Wyvern Tor, hopefully to win some points from the townmaster.

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Any advice will be appreciated! Thank you in advance

TLDR, Rogue killed Glasstaff in prison and there were witnesses, how would the local officials deal with the rogue, even if the commonors like the PCs.

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